To achieve a qualitative leap in human civilization, we may need five qualitative technologies. How many do you know?

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Although it has been more than 2 million years since the birth of human beings, it is only 5000 years since the formation of human civilization. Over 5000 years, with the continuous development of human civilization, we finally entered the road of scientific and Technological Development hundreds of years ago.

The power of science and technology is beyond our imagination. It has only taken mankind more than 200 years to realize the leap of human civilization. Today’s human beings have stepped out of the earth and begun to explore the universe, which is the welfare of science and technology.

Although the current development of science and technology seems to be updating every day and developing faster, the real situation is not so. Nearly half a century of science and technology is actually the application and Realization of those basic scientific and technological theories more than 50 years ago. It is the continuous accumulation of applied technology, not the real qualitative change.

We need to understand this truth: if a civilization wants to upgrade to a higher level, the volume of applied technology cannot be changed. Even if we continue to accumulate application technology, we can not upgrade a civilization. Only qualitative science and technology can really upgrade civilization.

Some people may say that in the past half century, human science and technology have undergone earth shaking changes. How can it not be a qualitative change? In fact, as long as we think about it carefully, you will understand. I believe many people know Newton’s law of universal gravitation, Einstein’s equation of mass and energy, relativity and other great basic theories.

Without these great basic theories, there would not have been all kinds of human science and technology. These basic theories were put forward by some great scientists more than 50 years ago and more than 100 years ago. After these great basic theories are put forward, human beings will carry out research and Exploration on this basis, and have more technologies. Then we will apply these technologies to practice and serve human beings.

We can look at all kinds of Applied Science and technology on Thursday, and you will find that they have not escaped the framework of those basic theories more than 50 years ago, or even completely guided by those theories. It can be seen that our current science and technology is actually applied science and technology, and there is no such great new basic theory as the law of gravity and the theory of relativity.

Of course, although the current level of human science and technology is the realization and accumulation of basic theory application in the past, in the process of accumulation, scientists are constantly looking for new ways to explore. Many future theories and technologies have been conjectured by scientists. Once these technologies are realized, they will trigger a new explosion of science and technology, so that human civilization can truly upgrade and promote the realization of a qualitative leap of human civilization.

So what science and technology can help human beings achieve a qualitative leap? Let’s take a look at five of them.

1、 The rise of computer technology

Computer can be said to be one of the greatest inventions since mankind entered the era of science and technology. There were four great inventions in ancient human civilization, and there were also four great inventions after mankind entered the era of science and technology. Computer is one of them.

We all know that the realization of science and technology needs the realization of relevant basic theories, and the birth of each scientific theory requires a lot of data reasoning and simulation. Although the human brain is very developed, it is not without all ability. We have super creative and thinking ability, but we don’t have strong data processing ability.

Human brain is inherently weak in data processing, and scientific theory needs a lot of data processing. If these data are calculated by human brain, it will take a lot of time and manpower, which will drag down the progress of human science and technology.

The computer is different. The most powerful part of it is data processing. It may take only a few hours or even a few minutes for human beings to complete the data processing work.

With the help of computer, human beings can interpret from a large number of data processing work and focus on creation and thinking. With the computer for a large number of data processing, human science and technology ushered in a big bang, it can be said that human civilization can have the present achievements, the computer accounted for a lot of credit

Computer plays an important role in the rapid development of human science and technology. Therefore, it will continue to serve human beings in the future. However, due to the continuous development of human science and technology, there are more and more data, especially in space exploration.

The traditional computer has been unable to meet the needs of human development. In the future, more powerful computers will appear, such as quantum computer, nano computer, superconducting computer, DNA computer and photon computer. The new computer technology will certainly push forward human science and technology and civilization, and even produce unimaginable qualitative changes.

2、 The revolution caused by artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence and computer have many similarities, but they are very different. Artificial intelligence has strong self-learning ability, it can learn a lot of human knowledge in a very short time.

The rapid development of human civilization is inseparable from the computer, and artificial intelligence will be more important for human development in the future. We should know that the future of human beings is bound to go to the starry sky, and the universe is a vast space full of all kinds of dangers. Human body is very fragile, unable to explore some dangerous areas of the universe.

The future development of mankind needs more energy, which needs to be exploited in space. It is very difficult for human beings to survive in the dangerous environment in space. Artificial intelligence robots are totally different. They only need to provide energy to work all the time and can deal with all kinds of dangerous environments. It can be seen that artificial intelligence is an essential auxiliary tool for the rapid development of human beings in the space field in the future.

3、 Biotechnology and life can be said to be the most mysterious thing in the universe. Human beings can make powerful nuclear weapons and spaceships to explore the universe, but we can’t make a simple grain of rice.

A grain of rice is small and simple in many people’s eyes, but no matter how simple it is, it is also life. We can’t solve the mystery of life, so we can’t make a simple grain of rice. As the most mysterious life in the universe, there must be some ultimate mysteries behind life.

In the age of science and technology, exploring the mystery of life is the most important science. Biotechnology is the science and technology that human beings vigorously develop at present. Through the exploration of life theory and the study of life process, we can constantly restore the birth and evolution process of life, so as to finally grasp the mystery of life and serve human beings.

In fact, one of the most important reasons for human beings to explore the mysteries of life is to extend human life span. Maybe in the eyes of ordinary people, a longer life expectancy is nothing more than being able to stay at this time for more time. After all, everyone wants to live longer.

However, in the eyes of scientists, the length of life is directly related to the key to the rapid development of human science and technology. We all know that the emergence of human scientific theory requires the efforts of scientists, especially great scientists like Einstein.

If Einstein can live to the present, then human science and technology will go further. It is possible that he has become a first-class civilization, rather than staying at level 0.7. It can be seen how important a great scientist is to the development of human civilization.

What’s more, scientists are old Laibao, that is to say, the older they are, the easier they are to make achievements. Because scientific knowledge and experience need to be accumulated continuously, most of the famous scientists in the world are old people who are approaching the end of their lives.

Although when people get older, the more they master scientific knowledge, the more experienced they are. But time does not spare people. It is time to make great contributions to human science and technology. Life has come to an end and left the world.

This is a huge and regretful loss for human beings. If the life span of human beings can be doubled, then these scientists will be able to continue to contribute to the scientific cause with a younger and more energetic attitude, and will accelerate the rapid development of human science and technology.

4、 Quantum technology, quantum mechanics, as we all know, is the science of studying and exploring the micro world. Quantum mechanics and macro science are two completely different ways. The theoretical rules of the macro world are totally unsuitable for the quantum world. Many phenomena in quantum mechanics subvert the macro theory and the existing scientific cognition.

There are many incredible phenomena in quantum mechanics, such as quantum entanglement, which is a quantum technology most valued by scientists. The so-called quantum entanglement is that if two quanta are entangled, no matter how far apart the two quanta are, they can sense each other’s state with zero delay and change synchronously.

This kind of transmission speed has far exceeded the speed of light, and it is of great significance for human beings to explore the starry sky in the future. We should know that the distance of the universe is vast, with light years as the basic unit. The traditional speed of communication is only the speed of light, which is the speed of tortoise in the universe.

For example, when we go to the beling galaxy, there have been major changes, and we need guidance and support from the earth. If it was traditional communication technology, it would take more than eight years to communicate back and forth. After such a long time, the yellow flower grass would have been cold. Only quantum communication can realize fast communication and even instant communication.

5、 Anti gravity technology, after the big bang, is evolving step by step with the continuous expansion, forming today’s space. There is an important push behind the various celestial bodies and galaxies formed by the evolution of the universe, which is gravity.

Gravity is the core rule of the universe. If human beings want to explore the universe better in the future, they need to master gravity technology. Anti gravity technology can not only help us get out of the planet and a galaxy easily, but also enable us to master some space rules, so that we can jump into the era of superluminal speed with distorted space.

For this reason, scientists have been studying the anti gravity technology. Once the anti gravity technology has made a breakthrough, it means that human beings have really become an interstellar civilization and can easily go out of the solar system to explore other galaxies. This is of great significance to human beings. With anti gravity technology, the road of human space colonization will open, and the development of civilization will usher in qualitative change.

These are the five technologies that may become the “fuse” of science and technology explosion in the future. Of course, the technologies that make human science and technology change qualitatively are far less than these five. They are only representative ones, as long as these five technologies can be realized. Then human civilization will get rid of the predicament of low-level civilization and become a member of high-level civilization. The stronger the human civilization is, the longer it will last.

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