To prove that the earth is not round, a man made a rocket into the sky, but the end is too bleak!

To prove that the earth is not round, a man made a rocket into the sky, but the end is too bleak!

Humans claim to be the masters of the earth, but how much do they really know about it? In human’s inherent cognition, the shape of the earth is round. With the growth of age, people have doubts about the shape of the earth, especially the young people aged 18-24. Almost half of them believe that the earth is not a sphere, and they firmly believe that the earth is flat.

Since the rapid development of science and technology, mankind has opened a new era of space and launched a new exploration into outer space. The information collected over the years has also given us a deeper understanding of the universe. In particular, NASA has taken many photos of the earth, which are more like forgery. From many photos, the earth is round, but some people think that these photos are true To cover up the fact that the earth is flat. To prove that the earth is not round, a man made a rocket into the sky, but the end is too bleak!

One of the proponents of the theory of horizon thought that the earth was like a flat and flat bowl, in which the land and sea were held. This statement has been silent for a long time, and it will be highly controversial in the 21st century. Many people think that the earth is a closed plane centered on the north pole, and the edge of this plane is the South Pole. In this plane, including the moon, the sun, they have a huge impact on the earth, there is no way to leave.

When human beings travel into space, they find that there is no edge in the universe. They think that when human beings reach the edge of the earth, they will transmit to the other end. When they walk out of the left end of the screen, they will appear at the right end of the screen. This is a very strange phenomenon. Many organizations have always wanted to take a look in space to debunk these hypotheses that have no scientific significance. They need a lot of manpower and material resources, and they also need to prepare rockets.

There was once a 63 year old rocket enthusiast, Hughes, who was also a supporter of the earth flattening theory. He sponsored the rocket industry for many times to explore the earth. In 2018, he flew into space with his own self-made rocket. When he reached the predetermined altitude, Hughes bought a second-hand parachute for the sake of being cheap, which did not achieve the desired deceleration effect I was seriously injured when I came back to earth. Nevertheless, he did not give up. In 2020, he made another rocket to launch into space. Because he still bought second-hand goods, his parachute fell off directly. In the process of returning, he finally died on the spot in the form of free fall, and the result was very miserable.

It’s very difficult for him to land in space by self-made rocket. In order to save money, he didn’t pay attention to his own life safety, which eventually led to the tragedy. So far, what kind of shape the earth is has been in everyone’s thinking. Many people have sacrificed their lives in order to explore these mysteries in the universe. It’s very sad. What’s your view on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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