To prove that time does not exist, experts let a woman live in the cave for 130 days. What’s the result?

As time goes by, human beings have formed regular living habits and worked hard every day. In our opinion, time is indescribable, but foreign scientists have put forward such a view, they believe that time does not exist, this is just a human illusion. In order to prove that a woman did not live in a cave for a day, how did they do the experiment?

If human beings can’t perceive the change of time, how will the body function react? If human beings no longer feel time, what will the final result look like? Scientists believe that this experiment can not only help us better understand time, but also provide certain conditions for space exploration. In order to carry out this experiment, the scientists selected a 27 year old woman from a large number of female volunteers. This woman is from Italy. Her occupation is interior designer. This woman is called frini. Her lifestyle is very regular and her psychological quality is also very strong. Before the experiment, the scientists had a general examination of her, and she was still very healthy.

Experimental process

After the inspection, the scientists took the woman to an underground cave. The cave is 30 meters underground, and scientists have transformed it into a small room with simple furniture and tools to pass the time. The scientist also put a computer in the hut, but there was no time in the computer, so she could not judge how long the time had passed. The scientists installed cameras and microphones in the hut to regularly observe the experimenter’s every move, and regularly check her physical condition.

The experiment started in 1989 and lasted for 130 days. It’s hard to imagine that an adult woman spent such a long time in a dark closed space. At the beginning of the experiment, the woman could pass the time by reading and playing guitar, but after a period of time, her life pattern was broken and her sleep began to be disordered. Sometimes she thought the day was over, but it was only a few hours.

experimental result

As time goes on, the woman’s mental state is on the verge of collapse. Sometimes she will murmur to the wall, sometimes she will smash things rashly. In order to ensure the safety of the woman’s life, the experiment was forced to stop after 130 days. When the woman came back to the ground, her face was pale, her body was very weak, and even her weight lost 10 jin.

When she returned to normal, she claimed that she only felt that two months had passed, which was enough to show that when human beings were in a closed environment and could not perceive the change of time, they would face great pressure both physically and mentally. Although human beings could not perceive the existence of the world, it did not mean that time was virtual. So this experiment of scientists also proves to us that time really exists, even if it can’t be seen or touched. I don’t know what people think?

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