To solve the mystery of Einstein’s brain, he stole it and cut it into 240 pieces. What did he find?

On April 18, 1955, the scientific giant Einstein died. His deeds should have been plain, but his family found that Einstein’s brain disappeared, which was stolen by a doctor named Harvey. Why do doctors steal brains?

The doctor who stole the brain

According to news reports, he actually stole Einstein’s brain for research. In the history of the development of human civilization, Einstein’s contribution can not be underestimated. He has become a worthy scientific giant. If he can understand the secrets of his brain, he may be able to promote the development of human civilization. At first, Harvey didn’t want to steal his brain, but when he saw a generation of giants lying in front of him, he felt very sorry. After stealing the brain, he weighed it and found that the brain was 170 grams lighter than that of ordinary men. He thought that such a gap was not a coincidence, so he began the journey of brain research.

Although Harvey’s starting point was good, his behavior was severely condemned at that time. The hospital dismissed Harvey, and his wife divorced him. He had to live in exile with his stolen brain. Although this behavior was supported by some scientists, the public did not forgive him. He could only devote himself to the research, hoping to change the public’s view with the results. Since then, Harvey has been living in seclusion with his brain. It was not until the 1970s that Harvey appeared in front of reporters. Reporters also saw 240 pieces of brain fragments.

The secret of the brain

By that time, ha Wei had been studying the brain for decades, but he didn’t break the secret of the brain until Harvey died. It is also said that Harvey regretted stealing Einstein’s brain in his later years. Why did Harvey say that? It turned out that Einstein’s brain was lighter because he suffered from cerebellar atrophy in his later years. Over the years, he worked with other scientists for a long time, and the final results were disappointing. They found that Einstein’s brain was not different from that of ordinary people.

It’s just that the density of glial cells in his brain is very high, which means that Einstein often thinks, and his logical thinking ability and mathematical ability are better than ordinary people. Besides, there is no difference. In 2007, he donated Einstein’s brain to the American Museum.

Although Einstein’s brain has no secret, if he didn’t steal it, maybe even today we still think that Einstein is close to God. The reason why he can achieve brilliant achievements actually depends on himself.

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