To uncover the possibility of parallel universe, Hawking suggested that the number of multiverse is limited

The universe is vast and huge. With our current scientific and technological exploration equipment, the observation of the universe is very limited, and the question of whether the universe has a boundary is also controversial. More scientists believe that the universe has a boundary

Now the general view is originated from the singularity big bang theory, that our universe is a singularity at first, and finally because we do not know that the explosion gave birth to the universe, and scientists find that our universe has been expanding at a very fast speed by observing the celestial bodies in the universe.

In recent years, there are more and more theories about parallel universe and multiverse. People always have a question: is our universe unique? If there is a boundary in the universe, then what is outside the universe? What kind of space is our universe in?

Human beings live on the earth and think that the earth is too big. This is from the perspective of human beings standing on the earth. However, if you look at the earth from space, you will find that the earth is too small, and there are countless planets larger than the earth in the universe. So our universe, we are in the universe, look at our universe, study the universe is so big, boundless. If we stand outside the universe and look at our universe, it may be the same as looking at the earth from space. Our universe may not be big.

The concept of parallel universe appears in some science fiction movies and novels. They think that different time and space exist at the same time. What has happened in the past and what hasn’t happened in the future have actually happened in other spaces. What happened in the past continues to exist in other spaces, and what hasn’t happened in the future also happens in another space. I love these spaces They call it a parallel universe.

For the existence of parallel universe, scientists have no definite answer, but there have been some strange events in the world, and these events tell people that parallel universe is real.

At present, scientists agree with the view of multiverse. As described just now, we will come to different conclusions when we stand in different positions. Standing on the earth, we will feel that human beings are small, standing in space, we will feel that the earth is small, and standing outside the universe, we will feel that our universe is small.

If there is a boundary in the universe, there must be a space outside the universe. We call it chaos space for the time being. Chaos space is a virtual element, and there are many universe spaces in chaos space. These independent universe spaces are similar to the planets in our universe. A planet in our universe is a world, while a planet in chaotic space is a planet, a universe.

Our universe is an ordinary universe in the chaotic space. There are a lot of universes like us in the chaotic space. These are multiverse. If there are multiuniverses, how do they come from? How did the chaotic space of the existence of the universe come from? Is it the singularity explosion?

A few months before his death, Hawking discussed the theory in depth at Cambridge University in England. He said: “we are not in a single and unique universe, but our research suggests that the number of multiverse is limited, and it is likely to form a smaller universe.” Hawking also believes that our universe is not unique, there may be a universe beyond the universe.

If the multiverse is real, then the ages of different universes are different. Our universe is almost 14 billion years old, while other universes are larger and smaller than ours. Different universes will also give birth to many civilizations, and the development direction of these civilizations will naturally be different, some of which are based on science and technology, some of which are based on the development of their own potential, and some of which are more dazzling.

No one knows the age limit of the universe, but it is believed that it is very young when it is 14 billion years old. If the civilization of the ancient universe is far more than 14 billion years old, its civilization may be far more than that of our universe. Maybe the advanced civilization of our universe has only developed for a few hundred million years. And the advanced civilizations in those ancient universes may have developed for tens of billions of years.

We don’t know what kind of means and strength civilization will have when it develops to a certain extent. For a civilization that has developed science and technology for tens of billions of years, will its science and technology strength be equal to that of God? It is said that God is omnipotent, and it may not be difficult to create the universe. For an advanced civilization in the ancient universe, after tens of billions of years of development, their strength may have the ability to create the universe, and they may also understand the truth of the universe and the existence of chaotic space outside the universe.

The advanced civilizations in the ancient universe may be able to create the universe. They put a singularity in the chaotic space outside the universe, and then triggered the big bang, and a new universe was formed. This kind of conjecture seems too sci-fi, but it is not impossible. The continuous development of science is to turn the impossible into the possible? Only a few million years have passed since the birth of mankind, and only a few hundred years have passed since the development of science and technology. If human civilization develops for several hundred million years, no one knows how strong our scientific and technological strength will be? Perhaps at that time, human beings had already stepped into every corner of the universe, or they might have known the existence of the multiverse, and there were certain ways to leave the universe and explore other universes.

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