Tomb raiding themes: red deer, fire bat and Dapu ghost insect, Overlord salamander, human face, Kunlun foetus, etc

1. Red maroon

In the original novel “ghost blows the lamp”, Hongyu is a sacred animal guarding the ancient tomb. In “ghost blows the lamp: Nine Stories of demon tower”, Hongyu is described as a powerful soldier of the demon Kingdom, with boundless strength and good at jumping. He looks like a Weasel, and he is also like a werewolf. He has strong fighting capacity, but he seems to have a low IQ. Although he is a kind of creature that can destroy ordinary people, he is tangible after all. He can be destroyed with heavy firepower.

Tracing back to its prototype, it is recorded in the book of mountains and seas that there is a beast named Yu in the East China Sea, which can eat borneol, fly up and down in the air, and is extremely fierce. Every time you fight with a dragon, you’ll blow a few feet of fire in your mouth, and the dragon will be invincible. It is one of the nine sacred beasts in ancient China, and later used in ancient architecture.

2. Fire bat and dapper

The picture shows the fire bat in the ninth floor demon tower of ghost blowing lamp

The picture shows the ladybug

In fact, in the original novel ghost blows the lamp, the Firebat does not exist. When Xiao Bian saw the Firebat in the movie, he thought that its prototype was the ladybug in the novel. Dapu ghost insect: a demon insect driven by the demon Kingdom (Dapu: Tibetan for demon insect). It is a small transparent ladybug with strange shape, similar to the Seven Star Ladybug in shape. It is transparent and smaller than the nail cap. It is used to protect the corpse in the tomb of the demon Kingdom. There are two forms, “boundless karma fire” and “naiqiongshenbing”, which are two evil forces that can smash the soul of ordinary people, but can only act on living things.

This kind of terrible creature can be said to have the power to destroy heaven and earth, but in fact this kind of creature does not exist. The legend is not Ladybug but firefly, which is called putrefaction firefly. The so-called “putrefaction grass is firefly” means that putrefaction grass can turn into firefly, which is a traditional saying. In ghost blowing lamp, the image of fire Ladybug should be created by combining the legend of phosphorous and putrefaction firefly.

3. Overlord salamander

Overlord salamander

The overlord salamander is a huge creature that attacks Professor Chen when Hu Bayi and others come to the underground river in the ancient city of ghost blowing lamp. This creature actually exists.

The prehistoric overlord salamander is an ancient salamander species. Amphibian, shaped like a lizard. The head is flat, the limbs are slender, without toes, and the tail is flat,

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