Travelers encounter “firewall”, the temperature is more than 40000 degrees, can humans get out of the solar system?

Although our goal is the sea of stars, since the last century, we have finally gone to the universe, but human beings are always small in front of the universe. It has always been said that the solar system was made, and human beings can never get out of the solar system. The solar system is located at the edge of the Milky way, like the most easily overlooked place in the vast space, so many conspiracy theorists believe that the earth itself is an experimental planet. Is there any basis for this?

In fact, this statement is not groundless. We have been looking for extraterrestrial life for so many years, but we have not found any clues. Is human really the only intelligent life in the universe? This is the view of many pessimists. In order to find intelligent life scientists, they not only observe the universe all the time, but also send detectors and satellites to the universe. Among the many detectors, the contribution made by Voyager 1 can not be ignored.

Since Voyager 1 broke away from the shackles of the earth, it has gone smoothly to many planets, and is still moving forward. Compared with Voyager 1, Voyager 2’s exploration is not so smooth. Voyager 2 lost contact with the earth for a short time, and many people even think it was hijacked by aliens. Fortunately, Voyager 2 finally got back in touch with the earth and still discovered 10 new satellites for mankind.


Just in 2018, when human beings thought that Voyager 2 would break through the shackles of the solar system and rush to the universe, Voyager 2 was hindered. There seems to be a firewall outside the solar system, with the temperature as high as 49427 degrees Celsius. Such a high temperature makes Voyager 2 dare not get close and become a natural barrier. With the current scientific and technological means of mankind, it is impossible to break through such a high temperature. Is this high temperature wall outside the solar system just to prevent human beings from rushing out of the solar system?

Scientists have studied this firewall. The reason why this firewall appears is actually due to the interaction between cosmic rays and the solar wind. Although the temperature is very high, it will not cause damage to Voyager 2. So scientists believe that this firewall will not hinder the pace of human beings. If in the future, human beings can build more advanced aircraft, then the probability of flying out of the solar system is also great.

If travelers can continue to fly, it is very likely that they will be discovered by extraterrestrial civilization, and the earth information left by travelers will also enter the civilization of extraterrestrial life. Maybe at that time, it will be just around the corner for human beings to want to communicate with extraterrestrial civilization. What do you think?

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