Trying to be a human chimpanzee is only one step away from success, but the result is tragic!

Trying to be a human chimpanzee is only one step away from success, but the result is tragic!

For all living things, the earth is like a giant umbrella, which bears a lot of pressure, provides suitable environment and abundant resources, and makes these living things grow and reproduce rapidly. Hundreds of years ago, after a long period of evolution, the ancient ape finally formed the human form. There is a clear distinction between human and other creatures. It not only has a human language, but also has a unique brain. It creates products with both hands. Over time, human beings stand at the top of the food chain and become the masters of the earth.

In fact, we all know that human’s close relative is the orangutan. In terms of body structure and intelligence, the orangutan is highly similar to human. For the development of the intelligence of orangutans, scientists want to find out, and even have a big brain hole, put forward an idea, put orangutans and humans together to live, what will it change? In order to find out, some scientists have done experiments with orangutans. The similarity between orangutans and human DNA is as high as 97%. Trying to be a human chimpanzee is only one step away from success, but the result is tragic!

What will happen if chateker is raised as a human being?

The subject of this experiment is chatek, the orangutan. It was born in 1977 and grew up in the laboratory since childhood. As a result, its fate is quite different from that of other orangutans. Fortunately, it met the kind researcher Lynn and took good care of her. She almost raised her as her own child, not only wearing diapers for her, but also feeding her milk powder.

Under Lynn’s infection, it learned to play with toys. After a period of time, she was surprised to find that shatek’s IQ was no worse than that of human beings. Under her guidance, shatek learned how to express emotions, such as clapping, smiling and so on, and used them freely. With the growth of age, chateker has mastered more and more skills, not only can he use sign language, but also can distinguish fonts, and can use coins when going to the supermarket, which basically adapts to human life. In order to make it have better development space, Lynn brought it to the university campus, where it met many new friends. Every year to accept a special examination, and human beings get along very happily.

For what reason was chatek sent back to the zoo?

However, there was an unexpected situation. Shatek’s good life didn’t last long. She was forced to leave because she attacked a female student. At first, Lynn didn’t believe that it would attack human beings, but the little girl’s words were more convincing. Since then, chateker’s nightmare began. She returned to the zoo. Because she had lived with human beings for a long time, she gradually integrated into human life. When she was with other orangutans, she seemed out of place and couldn’t communicate with them for a long time. She fell into depression and died every day Taking a lot of drugs, it didn’t take long for it to leave the world.

As like as two peas, Sherlock learned many human skills under the influence of human infection, but his genes could not be changed. The habits of life could be changed by the environment of the acquired environment. In essence, it was the most obvious distinction between human beings and animal. Even if it was continued to be raised by human beings, it could not evolve the same physiological characteristics as human beings. What’s your comment? You can leave a message for interaction.

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