Two billion years ago, there might have been higher civilizations on earth, which were proficient in nuclear weapons, but suffered a tragic end

Three million years ago, human beings were born on the earth. The Earth provided us with the environment for survival. Since then, the earth has become the planet on which human beings rely for survival. With the development of science and technology, all kinds of ideas flow into human mind, and people gradually believe that in the future, we will not only live and live on the earth.

In the future, not only the earth but also human beings can come and go freely on any planet in the galaxy. And we will find more super civilizations that are not inferior to human civilization. The most ideal state is that human beings can communicate with them and build a friendly friendship bridge!

But will everything be as simple as we think? If it’s really so easy, human beings will not have never stepped out of the solar system so far. What we can do is just to stand still above the earth, even Mars.

However, most people still believe that alien civilization exists, because the universe is so vast that it is too monopolistic to say that there is only one kind of human intelligent life.

Some people ask whether the earth has experienced several generations of civilization before human beings appeared on the earth?

According to the half-life of isotopes used by scientists, the age of the earth is estimated to be about 4.6 billion years old. The first life on the earth appeared about 4 billion years ago, and eukaryotes appeared about 3 billion years ago.

Although we have lived on the earth for hundreds of years, we still have too much unknown about the earth’s past. Recently, new research shows that the earth about 2 billion years ago was once a planet filled with oxygen. Such an environment lasted for 200 million years, which was enough to support the birth of advanced civilization.

Scientists speculate that the earth could have evolved a high-level civilization similar to human beings, but it died out because of a huge disaster. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this conjecture. Even if human beings have not found any concrete evidence, it can be explained in 2 billion years, because 2 billion years is enough to erase any traces.

Scientists believe that this kind of civilization was not necessarily born on the earth two billion years ago, but came to live on the earth for a period of time, and had a certain impact on the development of civilization at that time.

However, two billion years ago, the environment of the earth was absolutely not inferior to our present living environment, and it would even be more comfortable. Therefore, it is acceptable to have advanced civilization. Archaeologists go through every inch of land and finally find some evidence of ancient civilization.

It may have appeared on earth two billion years ago, now known as the Titan civilization, and recorded in the Mayan civilization. It is said that the Titan civilization is quite large, just like a giant, and has great power, but its number is small, and it was extinct before the stone age.

In addition, there are pyramids created by the Maya civilization on the earth. Scientists believe that no matter how advanced the Maya civilization is, it is impossible to create such a peerless pyramid. They wonder if it is because the Maya civilization was inspired by other advanced civilizations.

At the same time, a nuclear reactor has been discovered in Gabon, Africa. Scientists believe that this civilization has entered an era of science and technology, and infer that this nuclear reactor existed at least 2 billion years ago from the half-life of isotopes.

Now that they can use nuclear reaction to create energy and control it perfectly, we can see that this kind of civilization has been developing for a long time.

Since prehistoric mankind used nuclear weapons to fight, is it possible for them to perish because of nuclear war! We can’t absolutely deny this advanced civilization of prehistoric human beings, because isn’t science just bold assumption and careful verification? Maybe human civilization is a great cycle. At a certain point, catastrophe will happen again, and it will start again and again!

With the passage of time, the traces of civilization will eventually be wiped out. Even if there is another civilization after 10 million years, it is difficult to find our trace. Therefore, civilization is precious. We should cherish the hard won things we have now and protect our earth well!

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