Two different kinds of ancestor worship ceremonies: “skull blessing day” in Bolivia and “corpse driving day” in Indonesia

In China, Tomb Sweeping Day is a traditional festival for us to commemorate our ancestors. “It rains a lot during the Tomb Sweeping Day, and pedestrians want to lose their souls.” this festival has been with our Chinese culture for thousands of years. On Tomb Sweeping Day, we usually offer flowers, sweep tombs, or burn paper in some areas to remember our ancestors. However, due to the different cultures of people all over the world, the ways of worshiping our ancestors are also slightly different. Today, I’d like to introduce two kinds of ancestor worship ceremonies.

1. Indonesian “corpse driving Festival”

Indonesia’s corpse driving Festival is a three-year local activity to honor ancestors. The local people call it “ma’nene”. On this day, they will dig their ancestors out of the grave, and then after air drying, they will dress up carefully and take them on a “street tour” to express their missing for their ancestors. Usually on this day, only respected ancestors will be treated like this, so when you see the bodies of deceased relatives, you will not be sad, but very happy.

As shown in the picture, the local people are really dressing up for a dead old man. On this day, after dressing up, all relatives sit down to enjoy these “works” is also an important part of the festival.

On this day of the festival, people will not only clean up their relatives, but also clean their coffins, and finally put the clean relatives into the coffins.

2. “Skull blessing day” in Bolivia

In some parts of Bolivia, there is still such a peculiar custom that they will keep the skulls of their deceased relatives at home and use them as amulets. November 8 is the “skull blessing day” for local people. They will decorate their skulls on this day and then take them to the church to pray for good luck.

The picture shows people taking their skulls to pray in church on the day of the festival

The picture shows a woman with a newly decorated skull

A pair of well decorated skulls.

Do you think you can accept these two ways of ancestor worship? I feel a little bit heavy(

But it’s said that people who praise at the moment will bring good luck

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