Two divers lost contact 13 days after exploring the underwater great wall and died. What may have happened to them?

In Panjiakou Reservoir in Kuancheng Manchu Autonomous County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, there is an “underwater Great Wall”. Once again, the great wall passes such as Panjiakou and xifengkou are not underwater. However, with the rise and fall of water level, there have been several scenes of “underwater Great Wall” reappearance in history. However, just a few days ago, on September 6, two divers accidentally lost contact while performing an exploration mission on the underwater Great Wall. They were not found until September 19, 13 days later. What happened to them underwater in these 13 days? What causes loss of contact and death?

According to a diving enthusiast, you should not dive alone in the process of diving, because there are always unpredictable dangers under the water, such as: different clarity, different sense of direction, different depth of pressure and temperature changes, complex underwater terrain, and various fishing gear and nets that may exist under the water. In front of this kind of senior divers, these low-level mistakes are nothing. What’s the real cause of death?

According to people familiar with the matter, a large number of dead fish surfaced at the salvage site. The scene produced a large area of dead fish, netizens guess mainly by three kinds

1. Undercurrent vortex

Undercurrent vortex refers to the vortex flow generated when the undercurrent flows through a certain underwater landform. It is not easy to be found and difficult to escape. Once it is involved, it is easy to suffocate and cause fainting due to the drastic change of pressure. But in the water, this kind of vortex flow will hardly cause large-scale death of fish.

2. Electric fish equipment

According to Xiaobian, there are three kinds of electric fish equipment. The first one is the ordinary electric fish, powered by battery, but this kind of electric fish has a short distance, so it should not cause the casualties of deep-water fish and divers; the second one is the high-voltage electric fish reformed by three-phase electric motor, which uses diesel engine to generate electricity to provide energy. The effective range can reach 50 meters or 60 meters, and the harm range is very large, but because it is easy to be found, few people use it. The third kind of underwater continuous discharge box or power grid, I think this situation is more likely, after all, if there is this kind of thing in the water, even the experienced divers as long as they reach the effective range will not escape doom, right?

3. Some kind of large organism

Xiaobian or that sentence, the world is so big and we are so small, it is difficult to guarantee that there will be some kind of lethal creatures in the water. However, according to the investigation, there seems to be no report of any other creatures in this area, so Xiaobian still thinks that the possibility of electric fish equipment is relatively large.

Speaking of this, Xiaobian was shocked. The state has banned electric fish for many years, but the behavior of electric fish is common. Although none of us has the ability to say what kind of disaster happened to the two divers, if it’s really electric fish, I would like to ask this fisherman, you must have never thought that electric fish would electrify people before, right? Xiaobian was born in the countryside of Northeast China. When he was a child, the mountains were green and the water was beautiful. It was not too much to beat roe deer with a stick and scoop fish. But these years, the fish has gone and the water is almost dry. Xiaobian is also a fishing enthusiast. Many years ago, even if there were many fish in the small ditch, under the bridge or at the door of his home, he could only go to the fish pond if he wanted to fish. There are many ways to catch fish here, such as exploding fish with bombs, poisoning fish, and it is said that a piece of fish can be floated downstream by throwing lime powder. Of course, up to now, there are often electric fish people. Once we said: stop it, electric fish harm the ecology, can’t let this river to the end not even a fish. To this day, I would like to say: stop it, perhaps you call again, may be your grandchildren.

Although the cause of death is unknown at present, Xiaobian just wants to express my views on the electric fish. Once the world was big, with birds in the sky and fish in the river; now the world is small, and the river is just water.

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