Two of Einstein’s five predictions have not yet come true, one of which worries people

For Einstein, I believe his friends will not bear weight. He can be called the greatest scientist in the history of human science. The scientific community once gave a ranking to all the great scientists of mankind for hundreds of years, and Einstein got the leading position. It can be seen that in the scientific community, people all recognize Einstein’s great contribution to human science, and no one can surpass this contribution.

So what great contribution did Einstein make? I believe many people will think of Einstein’s great theory of relativity when they mention him. Yes, the theory of relativity can be said to be Einstein’s greatest achievement in his life, and it is also the greatest achievement in the history of human science. In a sense, relativity actually reveals to us some of the ultimate mysteries of the universe.

If we can turn some theories put forward by the theory of relativity into reality, then human beings dare not say that they will become the overlord of the universe, but there is no problem in crossing the Milky way. In addition to the theory of relativity, Einstein also put forward the equation of mass and energy, which was the first time to show the relationship between matter and energy to human beings, and the most powerful ultimate weapon nuclear bomb was developed on the basis of this theory.

We all know that every great scientist has a special hobby, that is to predict the future. Einstein naturally has such a hobby, but Einstein’s predictions are very different from those of other scientists. The prediction of other scientists, if ten predictions can be realized half in the future, it will be the top of the sky. However, the success rate of Einstein’s prediction is very high, which makes scientists feel incredible.

Einstein’s predictions are not complete nonsense, but some predictions put forward according to his own scientific theory. These predictions seemed impossible at that time, but today, 100 years later, we are constantly proving these predictions with advanced science and technology. Of Einstein’s five predictions, three have been successfully realized, and two have not, and one of them is very worrying.

In fact, Einstein’s predictions are far more than five, which have been realized 100 years later. If there are ten Einstein’s predictions, eight of them have been scientifically proved, and only two have not yet been realized. In the view of scientists, these two predictions will probably be realized in the future. If so, is it incredible that Einstein predicted a success rate of 100%? So what is the realization of Einstein’s prediction? Now let’s have a brief understanding.

1、 I believe friends all know the famous mass energy equation, e = MC, which tells us that mass and energy are equivalent. Mass can be transformed into energy, and the same amount of energy can be transformed into mass. That was a shocking conclusion 100 years ago. Few people believed such a prediction at that time.

You know, if the mass and energy are equal, it means the energy value obtained by burning one kilogram of oil. With the same energy value, it should also be converted into one kilogram of oil. But in real life, I believe we all know that it’s very easy to convert oil into energy through combustion, but I believe we can’t see it at present if we want to convert the same energy into oil.

It is because people can not see the fact that energy is transformed into matter that people doubt the prediction of the equivalence of mass and energy. However, with the progress of human science and technology, scientists have finally confirmed that energy and mass are equal through continuous research, and they can transform each other. The reason why we can’t transform energy into matter is that there are many conditions that need to be met for energy to transform matter.

And this kind of condition is also very difficult to see in the universe. Maybe only at the time of the big bang did the conditions for energy to be transformed into matter be met, so there was the scene of energy to be transformed into matter after the big bang. In fact, in the supernova explosion of the universe, there are also some conditions for energy to be converted into matter. One of the important conditions is that energy should be released in a concentrated way in an instant. Only by doing this, can energy be converted into matter.

2、 The prediction of black holes, I believe we all know about black holes. Last year, scientists released the first picture of human black holes, officially declaring that black holes are real. In the past, black hole has always been the product of conjecture. In fact, it is also a prediction under Einstein’s theory of relativity. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity and Einstein’s conjecture, there may be a special powerful celestial body in the universe, which is black hole.

After the black hole was put forward, it has naturally been questioned by many people. However, through nearly a century of continuous exploration and research, scientists have observed a lot of accretion disk phenomena caused by supermassive black holes in the universe. For example, the center of the galaxy is extremely bright, where there may be a supermassive black hole. Its strong gravitational pull around the stars continue to approach it, so the distribution of stars in the center of the galaxy is very dense.

It is because there are so many and dense stars around the galactic center that it can make the galactic center appear extremely bright. Even 26000 years away from the earth, it is still very dazzling. Now scientists have confirmed the existence of black holes, but what is a black hole? What’s inside it? Where on earth is the material swallowed by it? It’s still a mystery.

Due to the fact that black holes even consume light, it is difficult to observe small and medium-sized black holes because there is no obvious accretion disk. And those supermassive black holes are basically the centers of large galaxies like the Milky way. They are so far away from the earth that it is impossible for human science and technology to actually survey them. Therefore, it may take a long time to explore the true mystery of black holes.

3、 The theory of relativity tells us that the universe is not a flat space, but a space that can be distorted. Therefore, on this basis, Einstein proposed the gravitational lens effect, which is a manifestation of the mass bending space-time, and light can also bend in such a distorted space-time.

Using the gravitational lens effect, we can observe many objects hidden in the past, and the gravitational lens effect has been confirmed by scientists, and related telescopes have also been developed. Of course, our current understanding and Research on gravitational lens is still relatively small. We believe that in the near future, gravitational lens effect will bring greater surprise to human beings.

4、 I believe many friends know that Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us that the speed of a mass object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light, and even a massless particle such as a photon can only reach the speed of light. That’s the speed of light limit theory. This prediction has been confirmed by scientists. Through the particle collider, we can only increase the speed of particles to 99.999%. No matter how powerful the collider is, it can only continue this 9, but cannot achieve 100 light speed.

5、 Prediction of gravitational wave: it is relatively easy to understand gravitational wave from the mass bending space-time in general relativity. When an object with mass accelerates, or its mass changes, it will have a ripple effect on space-time, and the ripple will spread outward at the speed of light. On February 11, 2016, the team of LIGO and Virgo jointly announced that on September 14, 2015, humans directly detected gravitational waves for the first time, which originated from the merger of two black holes.

The above are five representative predictions that Einstein has realized, so what are the two predictions that have not yet been realized? One of them is the wormhole that we can often see in science fiction works. The concept of “space crossing (wormhole)” was first proposed by physicist Ludwig Fromm in 1916, and this theory was perfected by Einstein and Nathan Rosen when they discussed “gravitational field” in 1935, so wormhole is also known as “Einstein Rosen bridge”.

Einstein proposed in general relativity that three-dimensional space can be curved, so when there is a massive celestial body in the universe, the space around the celestial body will be distorted due to the action of gravity, just like a steel ball on a sponge.

Therefore, according to the general theory of relativity, Einstein thought that since space can be bent and deformed, assuming that there are two points a and B in the universe, and the two points are far away, can the space where AB and ab are located be distorted through deformation, so that AB and ab can become closer?

Theoretically, this kind of channel can connect two space-time points, but it is not so easy for us to find such a wormhole in reality. At least a higher artificial wormhole is more distant for human beings. Although the wormhole predicted by Einstein has not been discovered by us, scientists believe that it is possible to exist.

However, due to the weak scientific and technological strength of human beings and the weak understanding of space-time distortion, we can not observe the possible wormholes in the universe. The existence of wormholes also directly determines whether the dream of the universe can be realized.

Another prediction that has not been realized is the doomsday prediction. When it comes to doomsday prediction, it will remind many people of the 2012 Maya prediction. The brilliant Maya civilization thousands of years ago predicted that the earth would usher in an Doomsday in 2012, but in 2012, the earth is still so stable, nothing happened.

Although the doomsday prophecy that people worry about has not come true, there are not many doomsday prophecies. Hawking also predicted that the earth would come to an end in hundreds of years, and Einstein also predicted the end of mankind.

Einstein’s doomsday prophecy does not refer to the great changes in the ecological environment, but concerns about the doomsday war of mankind. I believe friends know that the history of human civilization can also be called a history of war. Since ancient times, there have been many wars in human civilization. Even in the modern era of peace, war has never stopped.

It may be human nature to like war, which may bring destruction to human civilization in the future. In the past, no matter how big the scale of human war was, it was very difficult to bring a devastating blow to the earth’s ecology. However, since the emergence of nuclear weapons, the situation has been completely different.

Einstein predicted: Although I don’t know what weapons will be used in the fourth World War, we know that the weapons used in the fifth World War will be stone tools and sticks. Einstein’s words, in fact, tell us that if a world war breaks out again, there is a high probability that the nuclear war will be destroyed in the end, and the scientific and technological civilization of human beings will disappear completely, while the surviving people will enter the primitive era and the civilization will start again.

Finally, this prediction worries a lot of people. The reason why people worry is that we all understand the root causes of human’s own shortcomings. Whether in the earth age or in the space age in the future, it is impossible to eliminate the problems of resource competition and internal contradictions. Once the contradictions are aroused to a certain extent, wars will break out. Therefore, although we do not expect the fourth World War and the fifth World War to happen, it is very difficult for us to do what we want.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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