Two of Hawking’s four predictions about human beings are becoming reality. Are Hawking’s predictions to be verified?

If you talk about the world’s most legendary scientists, I believe many people will think of Hawking. Hawking not only left material wealth to mankind, but also made four predictions about the survival of mankind. Surprisingly, among the four predictions, two are quietly becoming reality.

Article 1 prophecy

So what four predictions did Hawking make about human life and death? His

Article 1 prophecy

This is the accident that human beings encountered in scientific research. There was a nuclear research center in Europe. At that time, scientists confirmed God’s particle. They thought it was a breakthrough research achievement, but Hawking was very worried about this research. He thought that if the energy level released by God’s particle reached 1 trillion electron volts, it would hover Between stable and unstable states, this will lead to the production of vacuum decay, the earth will be impacted in an instant, and even the whole universe will be affected, and the universe will be destroyed.

The second prediction is the threat of artificial intelligence.

With the progress of science and technology, a variety of intelligent products have penetrated into human life. With a small mobile phone, we can easily communicate across distance and time. In the future, intelligent robots will become a part of human society, and they will also greatly serve and bring convenience to human beings. But Hawking is worried about the development of artificial intelligence. If human beings can’t predict their security in the process of manufacturing artificial intelligence, then at a certain time, artificial intelligence will attack like human beings and even replace the existence of human civilization.

There are not a few scientists who share Hawking’s view, and musk, a technology maniac, has publicly supported this view. He and Hawking also issued a statement together in 2015, expressing strong concern about the development of artificial intelligence. But some people think that artificial intelligence is created by human beings after all. The difference between them and human beings is that they have no consciousness. How can a cold machine replace human beings without consciousness?

The third prediction is the end of the earth.

With the improvement of living standards, the earth’s population is also growing by leaps and bounds. Today’s earth’s population has exceeded 7.5 billion. If so many people want to survive, it means that the earth’s resources are constantly consumed, followed by the imbalance of natural ecology. In these constantly consumed natural resources, many of them are non renewable. Even those renewable resources, the speed of regeneration is far less than that of human consumption. Hawking has expressed concern about such a situation. If this situation continues, human civilization will come to an end in the near future.

The fourth prediction is the emergence of aliens.

Maybe the global temperature continues to rise, the greenhouse effect is out of control, or the high-intensity outbreak of tsunami and earthquake, or even the war triggered by human beings. All these factors may lead to the end of the world. Hawking’s

The fourth prediction is the emergence of aliens.

In the eyes of many scientists, if there is only human beings on earth, it is not tenable. Therefore, they believe that aliens really exist in the universe. They are firm followers of aliens. They believe that there are powerful alien life in the universe, but human culture is too limited. According to the current level of science and technology, we can’t actively contact aliens .

After seeing these four predictions, I believe many people know that in these four predictions, the threat of the end of the world and artificial intelligence seems to be slowly realizing. The earth’s ecology has been facing the situation of the time, and artificial intelligence is also developing at a speed unimaginable by human beings. To some extent, artificial intelligence can really beat human beings. If their learning ability becomes more and more powerful, then in the future, artificial intelligence will be the most perfect existence. Where should human beings go? I don’t know what you want to say?

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