Two of the four magic events in the world happened in China. Can we use science to explain them?

The science and technology of ancient society is still relatively backward, even though the ancients are also relying on their own efforts to explore the universe, but after all, the level is limited, and human’s cognition of the world is still very simple. Even if we have modern science and technology, we can not fully say that we really know the world. There have been four mysterious events on the earth, two of which have occurred in China, and they are still very common today The unsolved mystery.

Mayan crystal pool


Speaking of the splendid civilization in human history, I believe many people will think of the Maya civilization. Many scientists think that the Maya have a very wide knowledge of astronomy and the universe. Some even put forward a bold view that the reason why the Maya were able to create civilization was actually the help of aliens. They also produced the so-called evidence, that is, the crystal pool found in Mexico. This crystal pool is hidden in the virgin forest. The local people think it is full of mysterious power. The water is very clear, just like crystal, so it is named. In this crystal pool, the depth can reach 160 meters. Some people even suspect that there are ancient creatures in it. Of course, until now, scientists have not been able to draw an accurate conclusion.

The dwarf tribe in Sumatra


In ancient times, the human skeleton is still relatively small, with the improvement of living standards and the acceleration of the evolution process, human has become what it is now. In Sumatra, there is a legend that there is a kind of dwarf whose body is like a monkey. Although such legends emerge one after another, no one has really seen these dwarfs. After all, the evolution of human beings is very obvious. If there are dwarfs in the world, how do they survive in the harsh environment?

Qinghai lake water monster.

Nature breeds thousands of species, which are distributed in every corner of the world and form an ecosystem with human beings. In fact, in many mysterious places, there may be living creatures that human beings have never seen before. The legend of Loch Ness water monster has a long history. Scientists have installed hundreds of cameras in Loch Ness, and no trace of the water monster has been found. In fact, in addition to the nice lake, China’s Qinghai Lake from 1955 began to spread the legend of unknown creatures. Some witnesses have seen the emergence of unidentified creatures in Qinghai Lake. The size of this unidentified creature is very huge. Only a small part of the surface of the lake has reached 13 meters.

Some people speculate that this huge creature may be the legendary plesiosaur, but scientists have raised objections. Since this kind of unidentified creature has appeared three times, in these three times, the unidentified creature did not show its head and tail, and there was no hump on its back, so the probability that scientists thought it was a plesiosaur was very small, and they speculated that it might be a huge freshwater fish. Perhaps in the process of the development of human civilization, it was polluted and changed into today’s posture. Until now, the water monster in Qinghai Lake is still an unsolved mystery. Is there any unknown marine life in the lake?

Yi villagers in Yunnan died.

Yunnan has always been the dream of many literary and artistic youth. The scenery of Yunnan is very beautiful, with many mysterious villages and landscapes. The Yi village in Ailao Mountain area is also one of the famous tourist attractions. At first, the village was very quiet, but since 1993, the residents of the village have experienced sudden death. They first convulsed, then fell to the ground and died. There was no injury to their whole body. This situation lasted for a long time. Scientists also came here to investigate, but there was no ideal effect. Some people speculate that this may be because the villagers got Keshan disease, but this claim has not been verified by scientists.

These mysterious events have proved that although we have created advanced high technology, we still have a long way to go to uncover the mystery of the world. In fact, there are still many mysteries in many places, which are attracting human beings to explore.

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