Two of the world’s three unsolved mysteries are in China. When will the third be solved?

Although human science and technology civilization has been upgraded to a new height, there are still many natural and astronomical phenomena in the world that cannot be explained by science, but there are many unsolved mysteries in the world. Next, we will talk about these three mysteries, two unsolved mysteries in China, and if the last one is solved, it will subvert human civilization.

Peng Jiamu missing

The first unsolved mystery is the mystery of pangam’s disappearance. There is a sea of death in China, which is Lop Nor in Xinjiang. Since ancient times, Lop Nor has been full of all kinds of legends. Everyone has heard of Loulan ancient country, and Pengjiamu’s disappearance in Lop Nor makes it even more mysterious. He had been to Lop Nur twice before he disappeared. The third time he entered Lop Nur was in 1980. At that time, he disappeared because he was looking for water. Even though the government sent thousands of search and rescue team members to look for 41 days, there was no trace of Pengjiamu. Some people think that he passed through, others think that he may have been hijacked by foreign forces, but until now we have not found anything about Pengjiamu.

Wawu mountain

China’s “Bermuda Triangle”. Bermuda delta is located in the delta of the Atlantic Ocean. There are frequent incidents of missing airplanes and ships, and even the saying of time and space crossing of Bermuda delta is spreading. In fact, in addition to the Bermuda delta on the sea, there is also a delta in Sichuan, China, namely Wawu mountain enchanted Taipa. The latitude of Wawu mountain is very close to that of Bermuda delta, so there are all kinds of strange events here.

Even the local people dare not enter the enchantment Bay. As long as they enter the woods, all the navigation equipment will fail. Since 1970, some people have been missing in enchantment Bay. In 1975, the local team of scientists tried to untie the veil of enchantment Bay, but they just got lost and had to go back the same way in order to protect themselves. In order to protect people’s lives, the local government also forbids people to enter the enchantment Bay, which is covered by thick fog all year round.

Human origin

The third unsolved mystery is the origin of human beings. In a decent point of view, human beings evolved from ancient apes, and Darwin’s theory of evolution once became a benchmark in the scientific community. However, with the continuous development of science and technology, scientists have made a detailed exploration of the traces of prehistoric human activities, and found that the origin of human beings is not so simple.

Is there really only one kind of higher life on earth? Is our appearance accidental or deliberately arranged? Until now, scientists have studied for hundreds of years and have not given a reasonable explanation. If the origin of human beings can be strongly verified, then human civilization will achieve a qualitative leap.

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