Two serious plagues in history destroyed human civilization, but were defeated by the Chinese!

2020 is a year full of disasters for the whole world. Locusts and viruses in Africa all seem to indicate that this year is not peaceful. Fortunately, with the continuous improvement of medical standards, locusts in Africa disappeared after passing through India, and the virus was effectively controlled in the first half of this year. Many people also re understood the relevant knowledge of the epidemic situation. I believe many people will find that plagues often broke out in ancient times when they watch costume plays. Whether in China or in foreign countries, plagues of all sizes occurred. In the period of underdeveloped medicine, plague once destroyed the civilizations of the two countries.

Plague broke out in Athens and Justinian, causing heavy casualties

According to the records, the earliest plague should have broken out in Athens before 430 A.D. The plague broke people’s original comfortable rhythm of life, and all of them seemed to be different in one night. They have headache, diarrhea, nausea, and even inexplicable anxiety. Because the medical level at that time was still relatively backward, people could only endure such suffering. But all that awaits them is death. Although the plague was eliminated by high temperature in the later stage, many lives were lost.

I thought the plague would be over here, but I didn’t expect that a century later, a larger scale plague broke out in Justinian. Because they could not cure the disease, they had to dig a lot of earth pits outside the city. As long as they were infected with plague, they buried them alive or dead, trying to stop the spread of the plague. This method can only be temporarily controlled, but it can not really cure.

Chinese scientists develop masks to effectively isolate viruses

With the continuous improvement of medical level, modern scientists have a certain understanding of plague. They think most of the plague is transmitted through saliva. A Chinese scientist began to make masks for everyone to wear, which could block the spread of the plague on a large scale.

Plague once broke out in Northeast China. Although at that time we had not yet developed a vaccine to completely fight against the plague, due to the proper control behavior of people, almost everyone wore masks correctly, so the large-scale spread of the virus was avoided, the plague was effectively controlled, and many people were able to escape. It can be said that in that era, we could not achieve such superior results without the increasing exploration of scientists.

From the perspective of the struggle between human beings and nature, although human beings are relatively small individuals, not worth mentioning in front of the natural interface, we are also fighting against every disaster through our own efforts and means. Although human power is limited, Xiaobian believes that in the face of disaster, as long as we all work together, we can achieve unexpected victory. What do you think of these two plagues in history? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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