Typhoon No. 10 is coming strongly, with the strongest wind reaching force 12. It landed in China from Zhejiang on the 22nd

In July this year, people paid the most attention to and worried about the continuous strong typhoon. Typhoon No. 11 and No. 8 landed in China’s coastal areas, which brought strong wind and heavy rainfall. Many facilities were knocked down by strong wind, and many cars were drowned. Zhejiang Province urgently transferred more than 300000 people.

Nine days have passed since Typhoon No. 8, but people are still afraid of the impression and terrible destructive power it brings. The relief and reconstruction work after the typhoon has just begun. But just as people have not yet recovered from Typhoon No. 8, Typhoon No. 10 “anbi” is coming again.

According to the typhoon warning issued by the Central Meteorological Administration on the morning of the 20th, at 5 am this morning, Typhoon No. 10 “anbi” has reached the sea surface about 1170 km southeast of Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, and is expected to move northwest at a speed of 15-20 km per hour. On the morning of the 21st, it entered the southeast of the East China Sea, and the intensity gradually strengthened, with the strongest reaching the level of severe tropical storm or typhoon. It will land in the coastal area from Wenling of Zhejiang Province to Qidong of Jiangsu Province from the night of the 21st to the morning of the 22nd. After landing, it will continue to move to the northwest and the intensity will gradually weaken.


Many friends may still remember that shortly after Typhoon No. 8, the meteorological department monitored that Typhoon No. 9 and Typhoon No. 10 were forming on the ocean. At that time, it was not known whether these two typhoons would eventually form a strong typhoon, but in the end, these two typhoons were formed without hesitation. Typhoon No. 9 “Shanshen” was in Hainan Province around 4:50 a.m. on the 18th Wanning City Wancheng coastal landing, landing near the center of the maximum wind force of 9, Shanshen name is very domineering, but the wind is relatively small, did not cause much impact on our country.

The coming typhoon is No.10 “anbi”. The name is like a gentle little boy, but this typhoon is not gentle. It is much more domineering than Shanshen. Now the wind force has reached level 9. With the continuous movement to China’s coastal cities, the wind force is also strengthening. The highest wind force may reach level 12. Although it is not as strong as typhoon No.8, it is not strong The destructive power is not small.

With the approaching of typhoon No.10, the meteorological department has to issue timely anbi early warning information every day. Meanwhile, the relevant departments in coastal areas have also made emergency deployment. For the emergency transfer of the transferred personnel, some high-altitude facilities need to do a good job in safety management, and the flood control departments at all levels have also played a 12 minute spirit to deal with the coming customs, rain, flood situation, once the flood control is sounded Alert, we need to go out immediately.

When a strong typhoon strikes, what is really terrible is the destructive power of the strong wind. Buildings, industries, roads, trees and outdoor billboards may be damaged by the strong wind, and power facilities are also facing the test. For people, when a typhoon strikes, try not to go out, especially walking on the Street, which is even more dangerous. Even if they are not blown down by the strong wind, they may also be damaged by other people Some of the buildings that were blown up by strong winds were attacked.


Many netizens Tucao make complaints about typhoon shelter this month? How can typhoons come one after another? It’s unbearable. In fact, typhoons do have a trend of increasing in recent years. Every year, typhoons become more and more frequent in the hot season. The formation of typhoon is related to high temperature weather. The higher the temperature is, the easier it is to form typhoon.

In recent years, the rising global temperature is caused by the greenhouse effect, which is caused by the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So where did the extra carbon dioxide come from? It mainly comes from industrial waste gas, a large number of automobile exhaust emissions, etc. Therefore, the most fundamental reason why typhoons become more and more frequent is the consequence of the rapid development of human science and technology civilization.

In recent decades, the rapid development of human science and technology can be said to surpass the development of the past few thousand years. The rapid development of scientific and technological civilization has accelerated the progress of human civilization, accelerated the pace of human exploration of the mysteries of the universe, and also brought convenience and quickness to people’s lives. But at the same time, it also sacrificed the earth’s environment. The rapid development of scientific and technological civilization is at the cost of a lot of damage to the earth’s environment.


If we want to reduce the formation and attack of typhoon, we have to let the earth fall down. However, we can’t make the earth cool down with the current human science and technology. We have to rely on reducing environmental pollution, reducing exhaust emissions, and slowly let the earth’s environment self repair. Perhaps after more than a hundred years of development, the earth’s temperature can stop rising and then slowly cool down.

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