Typhoon No.8 is coming strongly, and the wind force is expected to reach 15. Will it affect China’s coastal areas

Recently, the news about the strong attack of Typhoon No. 8 “Maria” has become a hot spot for people. The meteorological department is also tracking its wind and path 24 hours a day. Typhoon No. 8 is the strongest typhoon that people will face this year, and the maximum wind force is expected to reach 15.

The formation speed of Typhoon No. 8 is very fast. It formed on July 4. The wind force reached level 8 when it first formed, and reached level 10 the next day. Such a fast formation speed and wind intensity is rare. Moreover, as the typhoon continues to advance, the wind continues to increase. It is preliminarily estimated that the maximum wind may reach level 15, and the possibility of reaching level 16 is not ruled out.

As for the Typhoon No. 8, China’s meteorological department has paid great attention to it just after its formation. It has been tracking and analyzing it 24 hours to see if it will have a significant impact on China’s coastal areas. At the beginning, meteorological experts thought that it would not land in China’s coastal areas, but with the continuous movement of the typhoon, the situation has changed.

According to the latest news report, “Maria” will move westward and northward at a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour, gradually approach the ocean east of Taiwan, land or brush northeast Taiwan around midnight on the 10th, and land again on the morning of the 11th from central Fujian to the southern coast of Zhejiang (strong Taiwan Wind level, 14-15, 42-50m / s). After landing, it continued to move to the northwest and the intensity decreased rapidly.


According to the latest news, China is still unable to avoid the landing of typhoon, so the relevant departments have issued a strong warning and do a good job in typhoon prevention and emergency work. In particular, those who work in the waters should go back to the port to avoid the wind and reinforce the port facilities. At the same time, people in coastal areas should be reminded to take precautions in the next three days and try not to go out as much as possible, especially on the 11th.

Typhoon No. 8 will land in China from Fujian on the 11th, and then it will affect Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei and other provinces in China. Especially, the heavy rainfall brought by typhoon is more likely to cause flood disaster. We should also strictly prevent mountain torrents, debris flows, sliding waves and other disasters caused by heavy rainfall. It can be said that this is another test of nature for human beings.

Before the typhoon, wind and rain come first. Although Typhoon No. 8 still needs two days to land in China, its impact has begun to affect China. In recent days, most parts of China have begun to rain and wind in varying degrees. Even the northern region is also affected by Typhoon No. 8, which is raining every day. After landing in China on the 11th, the wind and rain will be stronger.

In recent years, typhoons and other natural disasters have become more and more common. This is the consequence of human beings’ destruction of nature and the punishment of nature for human beings. Especially typhoons, their destructive power is very terrible. A strong wind with a force of 10 can pull up small trees, and a typhoon with a force of 12 is even stronger. This time, the wind force in the strong wind center may reach a force of 15. You can imagine how destructive it will be, that is Cars are expected to be overturned by the wind, not to mention people.


Once someone is hit by such a Taiwan storm, it is impossible to escape. It is even possible to take a “sky trip” in the sky. However, the ending is not good. It was once reported abroad that when a typhoon hit, an oil bucket was rolled into the sky by the typhoon. After the typhoon stopped, the oil bucket was transported to a place hundreds of kilometers away.

In addition to the destruction of various construction facilities by its strong wind, typhoon will also bring heavy rainfall, which is a disaster plus disaster. You can imagine that with strong wind and rainstorm, once there is a flood, nothing can stop it. With strong wind and flood, buildings and other buildings can be easily destroyed.

For people in coastal cities, when Typhoon No. 8 comes, the safest measure is not to go out at home, lock the doors and windows, and do not go out. Maybe some people don’t like it, or they have work to do and have to go out. Maybe the typhoon with a magnitude of 15 will greet you. Therefore, life safety is the most important, and work can be done first.

Every time after the typhoon, the real disaster relief began. When the typhoon came, in fact, we couldn’t do anything. The flesh and blood of human beings could not compete with the strong typhoon at all. We had to evade the edge and wait for the typhoon to come out for rescue work. At present, human beings can’t defeat nature and can only defend passively.


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