U.S. satellite passes through the sky of our country, “accident” took photos, making a sensation all over the world, calling for miracle

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China’s comprehensive strength, the United States has paid more and more attention to China. The reason is that it is afraid that China’s strength will grow with each passing day, and one day it will become a country superior to the United States.

In terms of science and technology, the United States has always ranked first among the world’s advanced countries, especially in some developed countries.

Although the United States is far ahead of other countries in the world, it often stealthily uses high-tech means to do some “bad things” and peep at various countries.


For example, sonar detectors covered with torpedoes are put into the territorial waters of other countries to collect data; stealth drones are sent to other countries to collect information, always afraid of being overtaken unconsciously.

But then again, this kind of worry of the United States does exist, because China’s rapid development in various fields in recent years is no worse than that of the United States and other developed countries. Therefore, the United States is always on guard against China.

China’s achievements in recent years

All along, China has a deep attainments in infrastructure. Now, China’s infrastructure has become a postcard in front of the world.


China has been called “infrastructure maniac” by other countries. In addition, China has the same attainments in military, aerospace, shallow water and other fields. Therefore, it is understandable that the United States is always vigilant against China.

Previously, the US satellite passed through China’s airspace and “accidentally” pressed the shutter several times, making the photos a sensation all over the world. Is China’s desert full of green vegetation?

Yes, there is no doubt that the problem of land desertification in China was once one of the most serious in the world, but as early as the early days of the founding of the people’s Republic of China, China’s leaders put forward the idea of transforming the desert in Northwest China. Because of the limitations of the national strength at that time, the actual action made was very limited.


Since the implementation of China’s reform and opening-up policy, the domestic economy has taken off rapidly, so China once again put the plan of desert control on the agenda, especially in the northwest of China, the local government in the corresponding central government instructions at the same time, also began to spend a lot of money on land desertification transformation.

So, why does the United States sigh that this is a miracle, and the photos will make a global sensation?

As we all know, the difficulty coefficient of desert transformation is high, and for a long time, the problem of land desertification in the United States has been very serious. As the largest developed country in the world, the United States has been actively exploring ways to control desert.

At present, the conventional desert control methods will cost a lot of manpower, financial and material resources. The United States is committed to expanding its weapons and developing various new types of fighters to ensure its world hegemony, so it will certainly not spend a lot of money to improve its land.


Now this problem has been cleverly solved by China, and has made great achievements, so this project is a miracle in the eyes of foreigners.

Once boundless yellow, now it has become a green full of vitality. That’s why I was surprised. As a Chinese, are you proud? Come to the comment area to leave a message and tell Xiaobian!

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