U.S. scientist: Aliens may be “humans”, UFO will be driven back to earth by future humans

A famous scientist issued a sensational statement, claiming that the earth people are aliens. The genes of human ancestors did not come from the earth one trillion years ago, but from the “cosmic genes”.


Then they were born on earth. All forms of life on our planet come from distant galaxies, bringing alien bacteria and viruses to earth through meteors, comets and large amounts of dust.

Where human beings come from is a problem that many scientists have not understood for hundreds of years. It is true that Darwin’s theory of evolution is by far the best theory to reveal the origin of human beings, but many hidden problems remain unsolved.


So many people still think that Darwin’s theory of evolution can’t fully explain this problem, which is why scientists have been studying it.


We haven’t found aliens yet. Although we’ve seen aliens or UFOs before, we haven’t shown them yet.

According to scientists in this scientific report, UFOs may be the future “time machine” of human beings. According to biologist Dr. Michael masters, in the next few thousand years, humans will use these devices to study the past in time.


Ape like animal morphology and advanced technology represented by aliens and UFOs are the result of human evolution on earth, and this process will continue to the distant future.


However, Dr. Michael masters also admitted that he was not sure whether the “fool theory” was accurate and needed to be vigilant. On the contrary, Dr. masters proposed this view to encourage more people to think about whether our human development will affect human beings themselves.

As for this, Robert Schaeffer, a paranormal researcher and UFO skeptic, believes that this view is not worth taking seriously because it is based not only on the possibility of space-time travel, but also on the reality. So, do you believe that?

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