UFO in China? The unidentified character “one” appeared over Fenghuang mountain, and netizens took photos!

If we talk about UFO sightings in the world, I believe many people will think of the United States and other developed countries. It seems that they often appear in the sky of these countries. Many conspiracy theorists argue that these UFOs may be secret weapons. But in fact, there have been UFO sightings in China. The location of the incident is Wuchang Fenghuang mountain.


Some time ago, there was also a picture circulating on the Internet. This is a very common photo of tourists, which was taken by the young man when he climbed the Phoenix Mountain. After they developed this picture, they found a UFO in the sky on the right. This picture also attracted the attention of many scientists. At that time, a professor named Chen Gongfu claimed that the UFO in the picture was actually a UFO.


On Fenghuang Mountain




It was on the morning of July 24, and the netizen in the photo was Xiao Liu. He went to Fenghuang mountain with 20 colleagues at that time. It’s very easy for them to take a lot of pictures when they come to Fenghuang mountain. A few days later, Xiao Liu developed the photos and sent them to everyone. When they enjoyed the photos, they found that one of them was very mysterious. A UFO appeared in the sky on the right side, which was like a gray image. At that time, he told his friends that this may be due to the bad development of the photo, but when he looked through the negative, he found that there was also this gray shadow in the negative.


In order to solve the secret of this photo, Xiao Liu went to the media, hoping to solve his question after the incident was exposed. After the photo was published on the Internet, it caused a heated discussion among netizens. In the photo, there are many huge stones, and above the stone, there is a UFO. The shape of the UFO is like a capital one. This photo also attracted the attention of the professor. After seeing this photo, Chen Gongfu also expressed his opinion to the reporter. In fact, many unidentified objects have appeared in the nature. These unidentified objects may be caused by natural phenomena, or they may be man-made aircrafts. But this photo taken by Xiao Liu can exclude the above situation, so he believes in it This is what UFO thinks.


More and more UFOs


The camera is very fast when taking pictures. Since it can capture this unidentified object, it means that the unidentified object is not so simple. Since then, the UFO incident in Fenghuang Mountain has been spread, which has become the talk of many people. Even Fenghuang Mountain scenic spot has attracted more and more tourists. Professor Chen Gongfu also claimed that since this incident, many enthusiastic citizens have also provided videos and information about UFOs. The police of Fenghuangshan police station once claimed that UFOs appeared in the forest farm in the East, and the shape of the UFOs is like a giant frog. Another enthusiastic citizen also provided a 21 second image, in which two spherical UFOs appeared in the sky, emitting red light. After only four seconds, they quickly disappeared.


Every year, Professor Chen receives many videos of UFOs. He can also understand the yearning and yearning of human beings for aliens. Many people always think of extraterrestrial life when they see UFOs, which is understandable. However, Professor Chen thinks that even though many photos and images are extremely mysterious, they must be expressed in a scientific way. Over the years, UFO videos have emerged in an endless stream. Is this a coincidence or is it someone’s intention?


Professor Chen believes that the video screening and analysis of these UFOs should be more strict. Maybe some people make a scam just for the sake of popularity. If they are slapped in the face by reality, it’s really not worth it. Therefore, scientists can’t give an accurate answer after seeing the video of these UFOs, but it seems that the photo taken by Xiao Liu has been approved by him Sure, I don’t know what you want to say?

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