UFO near the sun? When the U.S. Observatory closes in 2018, have scientists found anything?

Although human beings have not really seen aliens, the seeds of their real existence have long been planted in human hearts. Many people believe that aliens have been to the earth by spaceship for a long time. In recent years, with the outflow of satellite photos, more and more people believe that aliens may have appeared in the solar system, while UFOs have been staying in the interior of the sun.


This is also their conclusion from a large number of sun photos. After the detector takes the photos, they will pass them to the scientists. After screening, they will publish them on the website for human reference. Many astronomy enthusiasts found some clues from these photos. They found that many UFOs appeared near the sun. The shape of these UFOs is too similar to UFOs. In 2018, the observatory in New Mexico was suddenly closed, and the staff were evacuated. This incident also caused a great shock. Many people think that the reason why the National Observatory disappeared secretly may be related to UFO.


Is the closure of the observatory related to aliens?


Why do we come to such a conclusion? When we look at all the UFO events we witnessed, the most mysterious and authentic one should be the Roswell event. The location of the event and the closed Observatory were only two hours’ drive away. The main function of this Observatory is to observe the sun. Therefore, many people doubt that it disappeared after the observatory discovered the secret between aliens and the sun?


It’s near the sun




Although these UFO enthusiasts say that they have nose and eyes, we can’t imagine the high temperature of the sun. How can there be life in the high temperature of thousands of degrees? Unidentified objects appear in many photos of the sun. These unidentified objects seem to stay near the sun and are absorbing energy. Scientists think that these photos are not enough to explain the existence of UFO. Most of the phenomena are actually sunspots of solar activity.


But these UFO enthusiasts firmly believe that these photos can prove the existence of aliens. The energy of the sun is very huge, and the level of alien civilization is also very high. Therefore, they are not afraid of the high temperature of the sun, but take the high temperature of the sun as the source of energy. Up to now, many people still think that the sun is the energy supply station of some alien civilizations, and UFO in and out of the sun is a level that we can’t reach at present.


In fact, in addition to the sun, there have been all kinds of strange objects on the surface of other planets. These objects are also regarded by UFO enthusiasts as evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life, but it turns out that most things are just landscapes formed by natural weathering. What do you think?

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