UFO sightings! Metal objects fished out of American rivers, or UFO capsules?

Hundreds of people have seen UFOs on the Internet, but we still can’t see any UFO events in history. But some time ago, someone claimed that they had seen a real UFO, and an alien spaceship appeared at the bottom of a river in the United States. Is that true?


In the river




This witness event happened in September 2020, when people were working in the Delaware River. Unexpectedly, they were attracted by a huge metal of strange shape. At the beginning, the staff thought that the huge metal might be an object left by the ship, but when they salvaged the object, they found that it might not be so simple. Because the shape of this unidentified object is just like the UFO in the movie. Soon the incident spread, and pictures of the huge metal spread on the Internet, which also attracted the attention of UFO enthusiast Wei Lin.


After seeing these pictures, welling thought that the huge metal size in the picture was perfect, just like the UAV in UFO, which could be used as an independent aircraft. Of course, some people think that this huge metal has nothing to do with aliens, which may be a joke made by the local people, in order to win the heat. If this huge metal is really a UFO, why does it appear in the water? Although we haven’t really seen a UFO, since it can come to earth, it means that the aliens have mastered very high power technology, and the construction technology of UFO is also very exquisite. However, the huge metal salvaged by the local people has been rusty, so it doesn’t look like a highly intelligent aircraft.


Is UFO a space capsule?


During the discussion, some people gave a different view. They thought that this huge metal might be NASA’s capsule. It’s only a few decades since human beings explored the universe. Not every journey is perfect. Some probes and spaceships fall to the ground due to various problems in the process of liftoff. Maybe this capsule is unfortunate.


NASA of the United States has also made a response to this. Although these people’s claims are justified, this is not the space capsule they left behind. This huge metal may be the object made by the factory, which has nothing to do with the aircraft. In fact, when people see these objects similar to UFO, they always associate with aliens, which is also caused by human’s illusory optical illusion.


In other words, this huge metal is not an alien aircraft, but a product of the earth, so when you see these unidentified objects, you should not be blinded by fantasy, and pay attention to the fact that evidence is the most important thing.

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