UFO? Unidentified flying objects appear in the sky of Hawaii, United States, shining in a row!

When we talk about UFOs, many people think of the United States. After all, it seems that UFOs always like to appear over the United States. With the continuous development of science and technology, there are more and more UFO sightings. We can always find many UFO videos when we open the network. Although many of them are considered to be post synthesized, many videos are still shrouded in mystery. Just a few days ago, UFOs appeared in Hawaii of the United States, which caused a heated discussion on the Internet.


Unidentified objects over Hawaii


This time, the UFO appeared in the sky at night. At that time, many witnesses saw this situation when they were walking in the street, so they quickly picked up their mobile phones to take photos. Through the photos circulated on the Internet, we can see that the constantly moving luminous objects suddenly appeared in the dark night sky. These unidentified objects form a row, like one fireball after another, which is very dazzling in the dark night sky. However, many people think that this is the alien spaceship fleet, and there are many controversies about this picture on the Internet. Many people think that this is the alien coming to earth.


Scientists’ answers


While this news was fermenting on the Internet, scientists also came forward to express different views. In fact, this is not UFO at all, but the 2008 Venezuelan satellite 1. This is actually the booster of the rocket. Since its launch in 2008, its altitude has gradually decreased. At the end of November this year, it completed its final mission, so the scene in the air appeared.


Although scientists have come forward to give their own answers, many UFO enthusiasts still disagree. They think that the probability of seeing a rocket return to the atmosphere in Hawaii is relatively low, and it is only possible to see it near us. Therefore, this luminous unidentified object is not a rocket booster. In fact, Xiaobian thinks that if this unidentified object is really a booster, as long as we find the debris it fell on the earth, we can prove it.


If this unidentified object is really venezuela-1 satellite, it also proves the rapid development of China’s space industry from the side. After all, it was developed by China and sent into space by long march carrier rocket. In fact, this satellite is designed to improve the infrastructure of Riera. It can not only be used for communication education in Venezuela, but also for telemedicine, greatly improving the living standard of Venezuela.


Over the past few years, news about UFOs has sprung up in front of us. Of course, the identities of these UFOs have not been fully revealed, and many things are still in a state of dubious. When we see these vague statements, we should have our own real views.

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