UFO’s back? Five luminaries moving side by side, scientists put forward three possibilities!

UFO’s back? Five luminaries moving side by side, scientists put forward three possibilities!


In recent years, there are many reports about UFOs, which are highly controversial in the scientific community. Some witnesses photographed the pictures, with a strange atmosphere. Many people associate flying objects with alien civilization. UFOs appear frequently in the United States, which seems to be the permanent residence. So far, what exactly are UFOs? There is no accurate answer, it is possible that this will become a secret that can never be told.


Some time ago, UFOs appeared one after another in Japan and Brazil. Now, in August, news about it appears again, arousing people’s doubts. What is the situation? Strangely enough, this discovery is not on the surface of the earth, but in space. When the astronaut was photographing the aurora on the international space station, he suddenly found a UFO and flashed by. He exposed this video. From the picture, we can see that there are five luminescent bodies in the lens, passing by at the fastest speed, causing the picture blurring. UFO’s back? Five luminaries moving side by side, scientists put forward three possibilities!


The trajectory of this UFO


The astronauts said that when they observed the UFO, they found that its moving time was about 52 seconds, and the same distance was maintained between the five luminaries. After seeing this video, many people were stunned. At the beginning, some people speculated that it was a satellite. The more they thought about it, the more they felt that something was wrong. What is it? According to the initial analysis, it can be preliminarily judged that it has nothing to do with alien civilization. On the surface, it looks more like a column extending upward from the ground, which may be part of the satellite group. This is the view of scientists. As for what the astronauts saw, they did not give a detailed explanation.


Scientists suggest three possibilities


Nowadays, UFOs appear frequently over many places, which makes people doubt its authenticity. The photos and videos they see are fuzzy every time they are reported. It is relatively difficult for human technology to distinguish them. Scientists put forward these conjectures. First, UFOs may be natural phenomena. Under different atmospheric conditions, UFOs will appear Maybe it’s just a simple natural phenomenon.


Second, it may be man-made, because human beings are making greater efforts to develop high technology, and perhaps they have built advanced flight instruments. When doing experiments, it happened that human beings found this picture and identified it as a UFO. The last one is related to extraterrestrial life. In the view of many people, extraterrestrial life exists in the universe. Although human beings can’t prove it with solid evidence, the possibility of its existence is very high.


These three kinds of conjectures are very comprehensive. Relatively speaking, the probability of the first and second cases is relatively high, and the third one is unknown. After all, science pays attention to the basis. It is impossible to draw a conclusion easily without solid evidence. These UFO mysteries have always puzzled scientists. Why do you think they appear? Will it have something to do with alien civilization? You can leave a message for interaction.

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