UFOs have visited the earth frequently for hundreds of years. Human beings have been safe. Are aliens good people?

The universe is boundless. There are countless galaxies, planets and stars. Naturally, there are also countless aliens and alien civilizations. Human beings are just weak beings in the universe. If there is survival, there will be competition. This is true for a planet, and even more so for a universe. It is normal for the strong to bully the weak. The high-level civilization in the universe will not treat the low-level civilization equally, either ignore you or destroy you.

Hawking once said that aliens are not necessarily friendly. We should be careful when contacting with aliens. It can be seen that Hawking does not trust aliens very much. It’s hard to expect a high civilization to treat human beings on an equal footing. Human beings will not be equal to monkeys.

The earth is a living planet in the solar system. The solar system is only a very remote location in the galaxy. Although human beings have not really found aliens, there are many UFOs on the earth for hundreds of years. Some of them are fake, but many of them are real. Especially those UFO events witnessed by groups can not be fake.


Although UFOs frequently appear on the earth, alien technology is also out of the reach of the earth. If these UFOs want to attack human beings and invade the earth, it is estimated that these weapons on the earth can only be used by nuclear bombs, but whether nuclear bombs can blow up alien spaceships is another matter. Therefore, once UFOs invade the earth and attack human beings, human beings will not have a good fight back Means.

But it is strange that for hundreds of years, such frequent UFOs have appeared on the earth, but there has not been a UFO attack on human beings, let alone invading the earth. At most, there have been several alien spaceship crashes. UFO hasn’t attacked human beings. Sometimes when human beings find UFO, they will send fighter planes to take off and try to fight it down. But at this time, UFO doesn’t fight back and just disappears in front of people. Are aliens afraid of human beings? Dare not fight down the human fighter? There was a strange atmosphere everywhere.

Some scientists speculate that there may be a “cosmic natural ecological reserve law” in the universe. In short, it is a protection measure of higher civilization to lower civilization. In the “cosmic natural ecological reserve law”, human beings are similar to primitive animals, while aliens are similar to human beings. The universe also needs the protection of the ecological environment. If a large area of cosmic creatures all die, then it may be a disaster for aliens.

Does this natural law of the universe really exist? Maybe not at all. There are rare animals on the earth. Don’t humans hunt them secretly? That’s no reason why aliens don’t attack humans.


Then there is another reason why aliens do not attack humans, that is, behind the earth, they are the backers of advanced civilization. With a strong backer, no one dares to bully. In fact, I understand very well that on our earth, the weak and small countries rely on the powerful countries, and other countries dare not offend this weak and small country easily.

Could this be the case on earth? If the earth is really sheltered by advanced civilization, other alien civilizations will not dare to offend this advanced civilization, so they will not dare to do anything to human beings. Who is this advanced civilization? We don’t know. Maybe we have been to the earth, lived on the earth for a period of time, and have feelings for the earth. Maybe it’s the prehistoric civilization of the earth. From Xiaobian’s point of view, I believe it’s the prehistoric civilization of the earth that protects the earth.

In the 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth, there has been not only one human civilization, but also other civilizations ahead of it. Isn’t it true that modern archaeology has discovered nuclear reactors billions of years ago? This prehistoric civilization may have left the earth and went to the center of the galaxy to seek progress and development at a certain time. The center of the galaxy may be the paradise of civilization, where there are countless civilizations and even higher civilizations. The prehistoric civilization of the earth left the Earth billions of years ago, and gradually moved to the top of civilization in the galaxy. Finally, it became an old high-level civilization in the galaxy, with unprecedented strength. No one dares to provoke other civilizations.


The so-called one person gets the way, the dog and the rooster ascends to the sky. As the parent star of prehistoric civilization, the Earth naturally follows. Perhaps other civilizations know that the earth is the hometown of prehistoric civilization, and dare not make trouble on the earth. The frequent UFO may be that other civilizations come to the earth to play the autumn wind, trying to attract the attention of high-level civilization, so as to be a little brother.

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