Uncover the most special profession: “their ideas are still there, but their tools have been confiscated”

Having seen many ancient palace films, perhaps many people will have such an idea: do eunuchs have any desire? Or is the eunuch deprived of the right to desire while being castrated?


Considering the generation of desire, many people should first think of androgen, because sex hormone is the main factor controlling people’s sexual desire. And almost everyone knows that androgen is produced and secreted by the testicles, and when eunuchs are castrated, the testicles must be removed. Because of this reason, many people think that eunuchs will become androgynous, non feminine and non masculine after castration, and even lose interest in men and women. But in fact, no matter how castrated eunuchs are, they will always be male People.

We may have thought that androgen is produced and secreted by the testis, but in fact it is not. Besides testis, adrenal gland is the organ that can secrete androgen. In fact, the result is very simple. Although the ancient castrators confiscated the eunuch’s testicles, adrenaline can still secrete a small amount of androgen, that is to say, “their ideas are still there, just confiscated It’s a tool of crime. Think about it, it’s really hard


In fact, in addition to physiological factors, there may be another psychological factor. In the ancient court, because of the special status of eunuchs, the emperor and his concubines did not avoid them when they were engaged in the affairs of men and women. If they saw and listened more, they would easily have an impact on themselves in the long run.


But how do eunuchs solve their own needs? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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