Under the environment of global warming, will northeast become a more suitable place for human beings to live in in the future?

The earth is our home, for this home we did not protect it very well. Especially after entering the industrial era, due to the rapid development of industry, the emission of greenhouse gases is more and more, leading to more and more serious greenhouse effect, global temperature is also rising.

Global warming is a hot topic that scientists often mention and discuss in recent ten years, especially in recent years, the extent of global warming is obviously accelerating. I believe every friend can personally feel that in recent years, the climate is getting more and more abnormal, and the temperature is getting higher and higher.


In 2019, we will feel the terrible high temperature, but in 2020, the environment will not be better, but more serious. I believe many friends know that there are many disasters this year. In addition to the epidemic that has lasted for one year, there are also fires in Australia, locust plagues in Africa, high temperature in the Arctic and serious floods in China.

The root cause behind these disasters is global warming. From the views of scientists, we can see that the trend of global warming will not stop. The temperature this year is higher than last year, so the high temperature rate next year is probably more serious than this year.

The deteriorating ecological environment and the warming Earth make many people think of the future living place. With the continuous global warming, some cold areas in the past will be warmer and warmer in the future, while the warmer areas in the past may be hotter in the future, which is not suitable for human survival. Therefore, some people raised such a question: under the environment of global warming, will northeast become a more suitable place for human beings to live in in the future?


I believe everyone in Northeast China knows that it has been a very cold place since ancient times. The reason why Northeast China is cold is that it is close to Siberia in the Arctic. The cold air from Siberia will first pass through northeast China, so it can be called one of the coldest regions in China.

Although the temperature in Northeast China is relatively low, there has never been a lack of human habitation since ancient times. Because of the vast territory and abundant resources in Northeast China, it has gradually become a relatively prosperous area in China. People living in Northeast China are very cold resistant. We can often see people in Northeast China taking winter swimming or other outdoor activities in the cold winter.


In the eyes of a southerner, people in Northeast China are real men. If friends from other regions, especially in the south, come to Northeast China in winter, they will feel cold in thick down jacket, but people in Northeast China don’t feel so cold. This shows that people who have lived in Northeast China for many years gradually have stronger physique to resist cold.

So which is more advantageous for human survival in cold and hot environment? It’s obviously cold. We can survive as long as we wear more clothes. But the heat is different, the temperature of the human body is about 37 degrees Celsius, once higher than this temperature, our body will feel uncomfortable.

Now, in summer, the temperature in many areas is above 40 degrees, and in some areas it can even reach more than 50 degrees. In the high temperature environment above 40 degrees, we can’t hold on for long. Therefore, in the hot summer, when the sun is hot during the day, people choose to stay indoors and come out at night. Especially in the south, it is hotter in summer, which makes people unbearable. Global warming continues, and the average temperature of the earth will rise in the future. The temperature in many southern regions may be higher, which makes it difficult for people to adapt to the survival.


The Northeast will become a warm place with the increasing global temperature. In this case, is northeast a more suitable place for human to live? In fact, it’s hard to say. We need to understand that the current global warming is caused by human industrial emissions.

These industrial pollutions bring not only global warming, but also other ecological pollutions. Therefore, our current global warming is very different from the global warming in the natural environment that happened in the history of the earth. If the earth’s temperature rises in the natural environment, then it is only a single global warming, there is no other ecological deterioration.


The global warming caused by human industry includes other kinds of ecological pollution. In this case, the global climate will become extremely abnormal. I believe many friends have known about the El Nino phenomenon since last year. This phenomenon is caused by the current global warming, and the El Nino phenomenon will make the earth’s climate more volatile.

I believe many friends have heard of snow flying in June, which is a legend in people’s eyes. They think that it will only appear when there is a major injustice. Many centenarians have never seen snow in June in their lives. However, in the new era, we have seen more than one snowfall in June in some areas of China in recent years.

Many people are surprised by this scenario. This extreme climate phenomenon is caused by global warming. Under this influence, great changes have taken place in the climate all over the world. For example, in the past, there was no snow in the South and the temperature was relatively warm. But now it’s different. In winter, there will be heavy snow in the south, and sometimes the temperature will be very low.


Therefore, many cities in the south are also planning to install heating for collective heating. You know, heating has always been the patent of the north. People in the South rarely install heating. The climate in the south is so extreme. What about the Northeast? In fact, the climate in Northeast China has become more extreme in recent years.

Northeast is a cold place. In the past, the climate was warm in summer, snowy and cold in winter, but now? Northeast is no longer so cold, especially in summer, the temperature in Northeast is not lower than some areas in the south. In winter, it snows earlier and colder in Northeast China than in the past. This polarized climate makes many people in Northeast China suffer.


If friends in the South feel that the temperature in the south is getting higher and higher, and it is difficult to survive in the northeast, because the northeast is also very hot in summer, this kind of heat may be able to adapt to friends who live in the South all the year round. However, in autumn and winter, the climate in Northeast China will change dramatically. It’s too cold for southerners and it’s also hard to adapt to living.

It can be seen that global warming caused by human industrial pollution has brought about extreme climate change. This kind of extreme climate is global, no matter in which region, there will be extreme climate polarization, and this situation may become more and more serious in the future. No matter where you hide, it’s almost the same, unless you leave the earth.

Of course, to leave the earth is a dream for human current technology. Mars is the second most livable planet in the solar system. However, Mars is not naturally suitable for human survival. We need to use science and technology to carry out a series of transformation. To complete this transformation process, it may take about 200 years.


Can the ecological deterioration of the earth give us more than 200 years? If we do not take good care of the earth’s ecology and continue to damage and deteriorate as we do now, it may not take us a hundred years, and we will suffer serious consequences. The subsequent effects of global warming are very terrible. The melting of ice and snow in the north and south poles will raise the sea level by about 60 meters.

Once the frozen soil layer in the north and south poles melts, a large amount of methane gas will be released, which will aggravate the greenhouse effect again. At the same time, all kinds of bacteria and viruses that have been frozen for tens of thousands of years may also recover, threatening the earth’s ecology and human survival. It can be seen that the protection of the earth’s ecology can not be delayed, and to achieve this, we need the efforts and efforts of every human.

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