Underground dwarfs, build underground corridors, travel through thousands of tunnels, or exist in the earth’s inner kingdom

The size of heaven and earth, the vastness of the universe, make people constantly explore, in the human exploration of extraterrestrial civilization, but it seems to have long ignored the human survival of the earth’s interior. Does the legend of “geocentric man” really exist? Is there another world inside the earth? There is a scientific explanation.


Dwarfs live underground, which is a legend often heard in Europe. Modern scientists believe that with the progress of technology, this seems to be more than just a legend. There are hundreds of underground tunnels all over Europe, the origin of which is still a mystery. Not long ago, after research, some scientists thought that there might be another civilization in these underground tunnels.

Going back to the British scientist Wilkins in 1946, he mentioned the underground civilization in his book the mystery of ancient South America. It is an underground corridor built by prehistoric civilized people. It is connected end to end and has many branches. At the same time, these underground corridors across Europe, Asia, the United States, Africa and other continents, he believes that this is due to the development of underground civilization in the earth’s interior.


But some people think that the so-called underground civilization is just a fantasy, and those rigorous scientists have studied it. Scientists have repeatedly discovered the existence of “geocentric man” near some cracks and extinct craters on the earth.


Many people say that it’s hard to understand why geocentric people live underground without sunlight if they really exist? With the continuous development of science and technology, people’s understanding of the interior of the earth is also deepening. Some archaeologists and scientists believe that the underground kingdom should become a masterpiece of the prehistoric civilization of Atlantis. They are aware of the danger of the earth, and all the underground passages have been dug in advance. In order to avoid disasters, they live in the interior of the earth, gradually become thermophilic animals, and finally become geocentric people who can only live by the temperature in the earth.

Since the earth’s inner mantle has not changed for billions of years, if life is possible, the geocentric people may live in such an environment. Their wisdom and ability are constantly improving and evolving, and they are more suitable for underground life. So, is there really another world inside the earth?


In view of this, scientists believe that geocentric man can not really exist inside the earth. Although there may be life under the soil on the earth’s surface, there is still life in the mantle layer below the crust. This is almost impossible, because the temperature of the mantle layer is as high as 1000 degrees. If there are human beings, they may have melted.


In addition, from a scientific point of view, the most basic elements of life are: oxygen, sunlight and food. There are no such elements at the bottom of the earth. In addition, the earth’s crust is in a closed high temperature environment. All of these are alive, let alone the so-called huge underground kingdom.

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