Underwater structures, more than 8000 meters wide, found on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, remains of Atlantis?

With the deepening of the research process of scientists, the possibility of the existence of prehistoric civilization is greatly reduced. Many people think that there was no other intelligent life on the earth before human beings appeared. In April of this year, a foreign diver discovered a huge underground structure in the ocean. At that time, he thought that he had found the legendary relics of prehistoric civilization, so he posted the photos on the Internet, which aroused heated discussion among netizens.


Underwater structures on the seafloor

This diver is very experienced. He is very familiar with the underwater environment of the Pacific Ocean. When he was exploring near Cocos Island, he opened Google maps to see if there is undercurrent nearby. But a huge underwater structure suddenly appeared in front of him. The underwater structure is very three-dimensional, and it seems that there are many crisscross structures It’s like a huge modern airport. Even the airport on land now has only a runway of 3 km, and the width of the runway of this underwater structure is more than 8000 meters. Why does this underwater structure appear on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? Is it really a landing site for some kind of aircraft?


Alien base?


With the current level of human science and technology, there is no way to build such a large-scale flight site, so he speculated that this may not be the product of modern human construction. He posted these photos and videos on the Internet, hoping that some professionals can solve his doubts. Some people think that this huge underwater structure is actually a spaceship base built by aliens. Maybe they have already arrived on the earth, and the ocean is their best protection. Human beings can’t survive in the ocean for a long time, while aliens can carry out all kinds of research under the protection of the ocean.

Atlantis ruins?


Some people think that this marine structure may be related to Atlantis, or it may be the remains left by Atlantis, but until now, human beings have no way to judge who built this marine structure. As a brilliant civilization in human history, Atlantis mysteriously disappeared overnight and sank into the ocean. The technology of Atlantis at that time was not necessarily inferior to that of human beings. They had luxuriant cities and developed technology. Their ability to stand up in that era was enough to show their superb wisdom at that time. Because a big flood came, the civilization of Atlantis sank into the sea. After hundreds of millions of years of evolution, these structures are still relatively intact, Maybe the giant structure that the diver found was the lost Atlantis?


Although this statement seems reasonable, some netizens have questioned that the place where Atlantis disappeared is not here. This site may not have anything to do with Atlantis, but it may also be the site of other civilizations. After all, huge underwater cities are often found in the oceans of the earth. On the bottom of Cambay Bay in India, there were two ancient city relics. The area of these two ancient city relics is still 10 minutes large, which is equivalent to two Manhattan. According to the research of scientists, the cultural relics in the ancient city have been more than 9500 years.

So in the depths of the bottomless ocean, there may be civilizations that human beings have never discovered. The ocean is the place where life was born, and it is also a well-known place. There are many traces of civilization slowly disappearing in the long history, but they can be intact in the ocean. In a sense, it is also a gift of nature to human beings.


Now scientists have also accelerated the pace of exploration, and the huge underwater structure has attracted the attention of the scientific community. Although there is no conclusion now, Xiaobian believes that in the future, with the continuous growth of R & D forces, we will be able to get accurate answers to these magical events. In the future, the ocean will no longer be the place that human beings fear, but the holy land full of hope. I don’t know what people think of this underwater structure?

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