Unicorn or non Myth: sows give birth to elephant babies, and species isolation is broken for the first time?

In jiangbeinan farm in Jilin City, a very magical scene was staged. Everyone saw that the sow gave birth to an elephant cub – and it really looked like an elephant. After all, the “little elephant” had a nose about 4cm long.

Remember to come to the farm in Longtan District to see what’s going on. The person in charge of the farm explained the situation to the reporter and said that if I said it was a newborn pig, you might not believe it at all. As he spoke, he took out a shoebox from the refrigerator. You can see a dead “little elephant” lying quietly in it. This “little elephant” has healthy limbs and dark gray body. It is about 30 cm long, 16 cm high and weighs about 5 kg. But the most noteworthy thing is its face. Since it has a nose nearly 4 cm long, it has only one nostril, and its ears are much larger than ordinary piglets, but this “little elephant” has no mouth.

The person in charge of the farm introduced that the “little elephant” was born at 3:00 in the morning. They attached great importance to the issue of sows giving birth, so they prepared a special delivery bed for the mother in the alley long ago. The relatives of the person in charge of the farm were responsible for the delivery at that time, and he still remembered this. Because piglets have just been born, they need to clean up the dirt in their mouths to ensure their breathing. It’s very normal for me to bow my head when I deliver them. I helped stick your mouth on the second one. I touched it a few times, but I didn’t touch my mouth. I just touched a long nose. This relative could hardly believe his eyes, so he called all the people to come and have a look quietly Later, it was discovered that the pig was like a little elephant because he had a long nose. As the baby elephant was just born, his umbilical cord was bleeding all the time.


A relative is worried about him if this goes on

They’re going to lose too much blood, and they’re going to put the umbilical cord to rest. At first, the “little elephant” was still alive, but later it gradually lost its breath. The person in charge of the farm said that after more than two hours, the “little elephant” lost its sign of life. Later, they learned that all newborn animals breathe by umbilical cord, which should not be tied up, but should be cut off directly with a knife. For the death of the “little elephant”, the whole family felt 10 points of regret.

Many scientists are fascinated by this. According to the person in charge of the farm, the imaginary mother was transported from other places. He is a wild boar and a hybrid wild boar. The second generation is black and weighs 250 kg, while his father is a normal black pig. When the sow is pregnant, her stomach is much bigger than other pregnant sows. The sow is pregnant for 144 days After that, the production began. A total of 8 piglets were born. The first one was normal, while the second one was “little elephant”. The third one’s head was very strange. On the contrary, the third one didn’t even have a nose. The person in charge is sure that all the piglets are normal. The cry of the elephant attracted many neighbors to watch and take photos.

An old man in his 80s was surprised to say that it was the first time I saw a sow give birth after living such a long life. Now the person in charge of the farm said that everyone didn’t expect that the so-called folklore of cow giving birth to unicorn and pig giving birth to elephant finally put on a realistic version here. So in order to keep the baby elephant as a memento, everyone put it in the refrigerator and frozen it.


When the scientists arrived at the scene, the person in charge of the farm brought the “little elephant” to Jilin animal husbandry station. So when the scientists looked at the little elephant one after another, they said that it was impossible for pigs to have an elephant because of the existence of reproductive isolation. Maybe the mutation of biological gene caused the abnormal development of animal embryos, and because of the abnormal development Animal, its visceral system must be defective, so it is very normal that the survival time is not long.

Experts said that in fact, gene mutation. There are many unexpected factors, the first can be inbreeding. Moreover, it may be the guidance of drugs, that is, the use of feed or drugs in the process of pregnancy in sows leads to the genetic variation of fetal pigs. In addition, chemicals, radiation, environmental pollution and so on, the rest of the factors will lead to genetic variation and, to take the most appropriate example, malformed eggs.

Therefore, the Chinese zodiac animals of cattle, unicorn and pig belong to the situation of abnormal development caused by similar gene mutation.


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