Unidentified flying objects appear in the wheat fields in Scotland, leaving a “signal”? Aliens coming to earth?

In the eyes of many conspiracy theorists, alien life not only came to earth, but also left traces. In 1996, a UFO appeared in a wheat field in Scotland. After hovering in the air for a while, it disappeared, leaving only some obscure patterns.


Strange circle in wheat field

When we talk about alien civilization again, the phenomenon of crop circles has become a hot topic. In a short time, a large number of geometric patterns appeared in the wheat fields. These patterns are arranged in a specific order, and no one knows who left them. If we carefully screen the crop circles on the earth, we will find that most of them are found in Europe and America, and even some ancient relics are surrounded by crop circles.


In 1972, a British farmer discovered the crop circle for the first time. Since then, the media has been scrambling to report it. It’s the crop circles that are officially coming into human vision,. Over the years, there have been more and more reports about strange circles. Tourists from all over the world want to witness this grand occasion. In the 1970s, strange circles in wheat fields exploded rapidly all over the world. In order to unravel the truth of these patterns, scientists have been studying the process. They found that as early as 1678, there were records of crop circles in Britain. Scientists found a record of the crop circle in a print, which seems to explain the cause of the crop circle. Up to now, 90% of the strange circles in the world are forged by human beings, and only the remaining 10% are inconclusive. If we want to say that the most legendary one is gilberton’s circle in the wheat field.





Nearby patterns


It was in 1974, to celebrate the completion of the Arecibo radio telescope, when the USA sent a string of signals to the M13 nebula. The reason why M13 nebula is chosen is that it is 25000 light-years away from the earth and is densely distributed with stars. Therefore, there is a great possibility of intelligent life in this nebula. If intelligent life really exists, then they will be able to decipher this information. 27 years later, in 2001, a strange circle appeared near gilberton observatory. After analyzing this phenomenon, scientists found that the shape of the circle seems to be consistent with the information sent by Arecibo telescope, and it is likely to be the echo sent back by aliens.

Of course, some people have put forward different views. If this strange circle is really sent back by aliens, and the time is only 27 years, it means that these alien lives are at least 13.5 light-years away from the earth. This is inconsistent with what scientists say, so some people think that this strange circle has nothing to do with extraterrestrial civilization. So how did these strange circles come into being? The issue is still controversial.


The truth of the strange circle


In fact, four or five hours is enough to create strange circles through human power, but the whole manufacturing process will be loud and easy to disturb the nearby villagers. Moreover, due to the limitation of science and technology, the pattern of strange circles created by human beings is far from that in reality. Over the years, many people have taken the initiative to admit that they made the circle. One of them, a British director, claimed that he was actually performing to human beings when he made the circle. In 1991, two British people admitted that they made the strange circles, and they also showed the world the making process of the strange circles. However, the strange circles they made were so bad that it was hard to believe.

In order to unravel the mystery of crop circles, in 1989, a team of 25 scientists conducted real-time monitoring. This is what we call the white crow operation. Although the scientists persisted for 10 days, they did not find any abnormality. In 1996, someone photographed a UFO in a wheat field in Scotland. The UFO only appeared for a short time and left a strange pattern on the ground. Although the circle is still full of controversy, many people no longer pursue the truth of the circle, which has become a specific cultural industry. What do you want to say?

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