Unidentified flying objects were found over Japan, more than 2000 meters above the ground, causing panic among the people

The universe is so big, will there be aliens? In recent years, people have frequently found traces of UFOs, and there have been all kinds of arguments about where the UFOs are sacred. Some people say that they are the products of human science and technology, others say that they are the visual illusion caused by meteorological problems. No matter what kind of argument, it sounds reasonable.


Recently, a UFO was suddenly discovered in Sendai, Japan. It looks like a UFO. It may also be related to the US military. What’s the matter? Let’s look down together!

According to NHK television quoted by the global times, on the morning of June 17, the alarm phones in Sendai, Baishi and dazaki in Miyagi Prefecture of Japan were almost exploded. The police constantly received reports from the public that they suddenly saw a white UFO in the sky during the daytime. Some said it was an alien spaceship, some said it was a biological weapon, and others said it was a foreign spy And so on, triggered the panic of the people.


According to the released photos taken at the scene, the UFO is a huge white ball, which looks like a big balloon from a distance. There is also a cross shaped object hanging under it, which makes people think deeply and fear.


After a preliminary investigation, the Japanese police said that the flying height of the UFO was about 2000 meters to 3000 meters. It can be made clear that this is not an illusion. However, if a flying object like this is to be released, the permission of the relevant department must be obtained in advance. However, there is no relevant record.

From the photos, the cross under the white ball looks very similar to the propeller. It may be an artificial product, such as a weather balloon. But the speculation was quickly rejected, and the local weather station responded that they had no idea. Is there really an alien driving a UFO?


All along, UFO incidents happen frequently, but no one can really prove these things. All the reports are mixed with the words “maybe” and “maybe”. Scientists, astronomers and other experts all over the world maintain a neutral opinion on extraterrestrial civilization, because our universe is too big to see the whole face of the universe.


So Xiaobian thinks that in our vast universe, alien life is certain to exist, either lower than us, or just like us, or even higher than us.

In addition to being very curious about what it is, people are also very worried that this white unidentified object will fall down and hurt people, causing serious damage. Although it is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters, it is still clearly visible, so we know that the volume of this thing is still very large.


There are also some people who believe that this may be inseparable from the United States. Because similar incidents have occurred in Japan before, according to the guardian of Britain, last August, the US military tested a stratospheric surveillance device driven entirely by solar energy. This balloon shaped device carries advanced surveillance equipment, such as synthetic aperture radar, to continuously detect the ground at high altitude.


It is understood that the detector can even detect every car or ship within 25 kilometers below the balloon, and share the data to the ground in time. Although there is no exact information about its origin, comparing the two events, we can find that they are very similar. They are huge balloons and propeller like objects.

However, no matter what the truth is, we are looking forward to the rapid development of human science and technology, the rapid progress towards interstellar civilization, and the exploration and decryption of more unknown mysteries!


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