Unique shape, extremely fast flight speed! Scientist: Omo is not a comet, or an alien spaceship

Do you remember Omo?


On October 19, 2017, a long and narrow object, like a cigar, with a length of about 400 meters and a diameter of about 40 meters, was rushing from Lyra to the solar system at a speed of 26 km / s, which was far faster than the small objects in the solar system.

Just because of this mysterious “extraterrestrial visitor” intruded into the solar system, it caused a sensation all over the world and instantly attracted the attention of many scientists.


Some scientists think it is a natural celestial body, an ordinary asteroid.


However, some scientists have found that there may be an ice crystal nucleus under its organic outer layer. Under the influence of the solar gravity, it is found that the orbit that should run is 40000 km different from the actual orbit. The change of its orbit is due to the continuous exhaust of gas during the flight, which adjusts its orbit.

Because comets are accelerated by gas emissions, asteroids can’t. Therefore, they believe that it is a special comet, because of its special shell, it can not form a comet tail.


So European astronomers published papers that they thought it was a comet and named it oumuamua in Hawaiian, which means “messenger from afar”.


However, some scientists firmly believe that it is neither an asteroid nor a comet, but a spaceship of interstellar visitors. Because it has gas ejecting during the flight, it also adjusts its flight direction and speed from time to time.

And now, has been gradually sold on the Internet, aomomo began to reappear in front of us, and was reported that it may be an alien spaceship.


Just before, some scientists speculated that the main component of aomomo was solid hydrogen. Because it volatilized hydrogen, it had the driving force to move forward. This discovery was recognized by many experts.


But Professor avi Loeb, from Harvard University, denies this, saying that Omo is “a man-made light sail aircraft.”.

According to Professor Loeb, omomo may have existed in the universe for hundreds of millions of years. If we infer from the above that it is formed by solid hydrogen, it’s totally unreasonable, because the celestial body formed by solid hydrogen can’t sustain the cosmic journey for hundreds of millions of years.


Moreover, at the beginning of the discovery, omomo was “rolling” in the universe at a speed of about 26 km / s, but then its speed suddenly accelerated, which indicates that omomo’s flight is likely to be driven by some kind of power, and it is more likely to be a spaceship.


In addition, Professor Loeb also said that the size of omomo is not small. In order to grow to such a large size, it is necessary to form micron sized grains first, and then the grains become larger through viscous collision. However, from the environment it is in, where the gas density is high, the heat generated by the gas collision will quickly sublimate the hydrogen material on the particles, so as to prevent it from becoming larger, which means that omomo may not be formed by solid hydrogen.

On April 10, 2020, a study published in the British journal Nature pointed out that Omo is actually a fragment of a planetary body, which may be torn by the tidal force of the host star because it is too close to the host star.


Xiao Bian believes that this discovery may be used as an explanation for the unique shape and strange flight mode of aomomo, but it can only be inferred without personal observation and exploration to obtain more evidence. Although it brings us a lot of controversy, it also gives us a further understanding of the interstellar environment.

What do you think of aomo? Do you think it is an alien spaceship or a natural celestial body in the universe? Welcome to comment area.

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