Unknown “big hook” embedded on the surface of the moon

The vast universe is a very mysterious existence for human beings. Since ancient times, human beings have never stopped exploring the universe. Exploring the universe is the common dream of all people.

It can be said that since the beginning of the last century, human beings have been vigorously developing the aviation field. With the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more unknowns can be explored.


Scientists have been hoping to find a planet with the same civilization as the earth, perhaps because human beings are too lonely in the universe, so they have been trying to cross the entire solar system and even go further.

However, due to the limitation of technology, it is impossible to break away from the shackles of the solar system, so the moon nearest to the earth has become the primary object of observation.

The moon is the moon that we see with the naked eye. It is the only satellite on the earth. It is 384400 kilometers away from the earth, about 30 earths away.


The diameter of the moon is about one fourth that of the earth, and its mass is about one eighty-one times that of the earth.

The surface of the moon is pockmarked and full of craters formed by the impact of small bodies. According to research, the moon may have formed about 4.5 billion years ago. Since the birth of the earth, the moon has been “accompanying” the earth.


There are several theories about the origin of the moon. There are four kinds of theories: the theory of division, the theory of capture, the theory of homology and the theory of collision.

But the most supported theory is collision theory. A planet named “Theia” in the solar system collided with the earth long ago, and the debris collected together can form the present moon.

In recent years, scientists have found a mysterious object on the moon. If you zoom in, the surface of the object is dark and looks like a “big hook” firmly hooked on the surface of the moon.


This object forms a shadow on the moon, which indicates that it is inclined.

This has aroused heated discussion among experts. Not only that, compared with the surrounding rocks and other objects, this big hook is obviously different. It is obviously not the product of the moon, which has aroused many people’s speculation: what is this hook? Where did it go?


Although human beings have been on the surface of the moon to explore, and scientists have verified that there is no sign of life on the moon, it is still very curious and mysterious.

Some people think that this is a part of the moon, which is equivalent to “natural landscape”, but it looks strange. It has to be said that this is still possible. After all, there are strange things on the earth.

Some people think that this hook may be the garbage left by the astronauts who landed on the moon before, but this view was quickly denied by scientists. After all, no one would think that the hook has any effect on the exploration of the moon.


So people have another guess. They think it’s not something from the earth. It may be left behind by some kind of alien intelligent civilization after it arrived on the moon. However, this view is hard to believe and full of doubts.

We don’t know how long this hook exists. Maybe it’s a hook, and no one can give an accurate answer.


However, no matter what, we have been exploring the moon for decades, and we have never found the existence of this hook before, so it is natural that the identity of the hook is mysterious.

If you really want to continue to explore, you can only wait for the next moon landing, and then explore carefully.

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