Unknown creatures invisible to the naked eye, but only the camera can capture, flying 5000 meters per second!

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a creature called rods, also known as flying fish or skyrod fish, which is a mysterious object captured by camera. Its shape, as the name suggests, is like a stick, thin and long, with triangular wings. Sometimes the wings become two or three pairs.


According to the data, the earliest discovery of the stick was in 1958. James, an American, photographed this mysterious creature at that time, but he didn’t notice the difference. Juz, the name of the stick, photographed the stick in 1994. Independent television producer jus isgamila photographed the mysterious object south of rhodesville, New Mexico, where the UFO was first discovered. Jusburn thought it was just some birds, but later he watched the video over and over again

It was found that a creature flying so fast could not be a bird at all. He suspected it was a mysterious creature, so he named it “rods”. In addition, without the camera, the human eye can’t see the stick.


Curiosity drove him to explore what this creature was. He asked the scientists for advice, but they couldn’t decide at that time. However, he did not give up. After consulting various newspapers and books, he found a strange phenomenon: where there are UFOs, there must be rods. Later, the face of the stick was photographed all over the world. Today, let’s talk about the flying stick shot in China.


In the autumn of 2002, when a film and television company was shooting a documentary in the Yunju Temple scenic spot in Beijing, Zhang hepin, the director of the documentary, had a surprise discovery: some luminous objects were flying around on the pictures, and the speed was so fast that they could only be seen clearly on each picture. According to Zhang Hebin’s calculation, this mysterious object actually flew 5 kilometers in 3 seconds, that is to say, the speed was as high as 14400 kilometers per hour! This really surprised Zhang hepin.

Coincidentally, in 2004, the mysterious object was found in the Forbidden City, which was photographed by a teacher named Wang Lin. Then teacher Wang Lin posted the video to the Internet and asked the research association to help analyze what it was. Finally, experts gave the answer: the so-called flying stick is an optical illusion. Due to the slow speed of the image acquisition frequency of the camera equipment itself, they can’t really reflect the captured image, so this kind of optical illusion appears.


However, such a statement does not convince the world’s science lovers, so it is still an unsolved mystery. What do you think a stick is? Welcome to comment on their own views, like can add a wave of attention Oh!


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