Unknown light spots appear over Kagoshima, Japan. It’s like an air battle. Are aliens coming to earth?

Over the years, we can always see the news of UFOs. UFOs have appeared in many areas, such as the mysterious base in Area 51 and the human figures on Mars. These evidences seem to show us that life exists. Just a while ago, a strange incident happened in Kagoshima, Japan. A strange scene appeared in the sky, just like aliens came to the earth. What’s the matter?


Light spots over Japan

We all know that Japan is located in the active zone of the plate, where volcanoes and earthquakes occur frequently. At that time, there was a camera monitoring the movement of volcanoes in Ueno City, Kagoshima. Unexpectedly, on the night of October 5, the camera captured an incredible scene. In the dark sky, an unknown light spot suddenly appeared, and several light spots even appeared behind the light spot. After the video was spread to the Internet, it caused heated discussion among netizens. Did aliens come to the earth to fight in the air? Scientists can’t see how the light and shadow will change after several points in the video, because there is no way to determine how the light and shadow will change after several points in the video.





Unidentified flying object


It is worth noting that there are several light spots in the rear, just like the UFO fleet. This picture is too rare. Netizens think that the light spots in the rear are actually the UFO fleet. They are chasing the UFO in front. Some people think that these light spots are not UFOs, but human made reconnaissance aircraft. In fact, this is not the first time that UFOs have appeared in Japan. In 2011, there were also unidentified light spots over sakurashima volcano. However, due to the volcanic eruption, a large amount of smoke drifted into the air, and this mysterious light spot disappeared in front of human eyes.


UFO operation plan

Some people think that aliens are using the smoke of volcano to hide themselves. They like to use volcano as their secret base, because it can provide them with the greatest cover. In May this year, Japan also formulated a UFO operation plan, and in September, it said that it would make every effort to find the trace of UFO. Of course, when human beings see these UFOs, they should not get close to them. Maybe these UFOs are equipped with observation equipment and launching devices. If human beings approach them rashly, they will be in danger of life.


Although we haven’t found any trace of aliens so far, their existence has become the default fact of many people. Many people think that the technological civilization of aliens is beyond our reach, and human beings have no advantage in front of them.


If human beings rashly search for aliens, they may be attacked by them because of their excessive efforts. Therefore, when facing these unknown UFOs, human beings still have to maintain a high degree of vigilance. What do you think?

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