Unknown matter flies into the black hole at the speed of 90000 kilometers per second. What is it?

The universe is vast, with numerous conventional celestial bodies such as stars and planets, as well as some very mysterious and special celestial bodies, such as pulsars, neutron stars, black holes and so on. Many of these special celestial bodies can not be described by the conventional laws of physics. They are strange existence in the universe, and may also be the important material to uncover the mystery of the universe. Therefore, scientists attach great importance to these special celestial bodies and are staring at them all the time.

Among these mysterious celestial bodies, black hole may be the most mysterious existence, which cannot be observed directly. According to the explanation of black hole by modern science, it is a singularity with infinite density, infinite curvature of space-time, infinitely small volume, infinitely large heat in the center and a part of empty sky around it, which is invisible.

Black hole is the most attractive object known at present, its gravitational field is very strong, any matter close to it is difficult to escape, even light can not escape its palm. Although the black hole cannot be observed directly, its powerful phagocytic power can easily reveal its position. Scientists usually find black holes indirectly through gravitational phenomena. As long as an open space is found somewhere in the universe, there is no matter, and the light propagation in this area will also be distorted, it can be basically determined that there may be a black hole at this location.


Human beings know little about black holes, but scientists have found many strange phenomena related to black holes in the universe. Recently, scientists have discovered another unknown event related to black holes. An unknown object enters a black hole at a speed of about 90000 kilometers per second, which is located at the center of pg211 + 143 Galaxy billions of light-years away.

In the universe, there is a supermassive black hole at the center of almost every galaxy. For example, there is such a black hole at the center of our galaxy. The mass of these black holes is very huge, and its strong gravity constrains the movement of celestial bodies in the galaxy. The solar system revolves around the Milky way. In fact, it revolves around the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky way.

By analyzing the X-ray spectrum of pg211 + 143 galaxy, scientists observed a strong red shift in the spectrum, which indicates that an object is moving away from us at a very fast speed. After analysis, it is found that an object the size of the earth fell into the black hole at a speed of 90000 kilometers per second. If a normal object falls into a black hole, scientists will not pay too much attention to it. This kind of thing often happens in the universe, and objects are often attracted by the gravity of the black hole and fall into it.

But it’s different when this earth sized object falls into a black hole. Instead of rotating around the black hole, it directly plunges into the black hole at the speed of 90000 kilometers per second. In the past, objects attached to the black hole revolve along the orbit of the black hole, and then close to the center of the black hole one by one. Finally, they are sucked into the black hole instead of falling directly into it. As matter spirals inward, it moves faster and faster, becoming hot and bright, converting gravitational potential energy into radiation observed by astronomers.


And the discovery of the earth sized object is flying straight into the black hole, which surprised scientists. What’s going on? What is this object? This kind of direct entry into the black hole seems to be intentional, that is, artificial. Only human operation can control the way into the black hole, that is to say, will this earth sized object be a spaceship of alien civilization?

This conjecture is not without certain truth. For black holes, we know very little, we only know that black holes have super gravity can devour matter, in addition, we know nothing about black holes. Scientists have also made different conjectures about black holes. Some of them believe that the black hole may be a wormhole. On the other side of the black hole is a white hole, which connects the two coordinates of the universe. Through the black hole, we can fly faster than the speed of light and quickly reach the depth of the universe.

If black holes really exist like wormholes, it is possible for advanced civilizations in the universe to navigate through black holes. The earth like object discovered this time is very fast, reaching 30% of the speed of light. The most important thing is that it enters the black hole directly. Under the strong gravity of the black hole, natural objects and celestial bodies in the universe have to go through continuous encircling before falling into the black hole.


The objects that can enter the black hole directly without circling are most likely man-made objects, that is, spaceships. The spaceship of alien civilization must have a way to deal with the gravity of the black hole, which can counteract the gravity of the black hole, so that it can enter the black hole calmly. If the huge object directly entering the black hole discovered by future research is really a spaceship, then we may have a new understanding of the role of the black hole.

If the spaceships of alien civilization dare to enter the black hole, it means that the black hole may be a wormhole. This is of great significance for human beings to realize interstellar navigation and explore the universe. In the exploration of the universe, speed is the most important, and the speed of light is nothing in the universe. Only faster than the speed of light can we really achieve interstellar navigation. But it’s not so easy to develop superluminal flight technology.

If we find that a black hole is a wormhole, it will be much easier. As long as we work out how to counteract the gravity of the black hole, we can easily enter the black hole, fly faster than light, and realize interstellar navigation.

Guys, what do you think the object going directly into the black hole will be? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your unique opinions and opinions.

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