Unknown metal objects appear over Germany, the shape of pyramid like four sides, the real identity is a mystery!

Unknown metal objects appear over Germany, the shape of pyramid like four sides, the real identity is a mystery!


There are many reports of UFOs in the United States. Some time ago, this phenomenon seems to have shifted the destination. Apart from the United States, other places have become the gathering places of such phenomena. What is the situation? There are many UFO sightings in history. Every time they see an unknown object in the sky, alien enthusiasts always like to associate it with aliens. Apart from this speculation, they can’t think of other possibilities.

Not long ago, a shiny metal object appeared over Germany. Many people saw it with their own eyes. They excitedly analyzed the possibility that it might be an alien spaceship and took a short video. After the video was sent out, it caused controversy in the scientific community. In Scott welling’s view, the shape of this UFO is different from that of the past. It is a disc shape, more like an alien spaceship. Its rotation speed is very slow, hovering in the sky, and its surface is scattering special luster. Its bottom is not round, more like a pyramid on four sides. Unknown metal objects appear over Germany, the shape of pyramid like four sides, the real identity is a mystery!


UFO hunters’ views on the incident


For this discovery, everyone has their own opinions. The UFO Hunter expounded his views and made a controversial explanation for the UFO sighting. A small number of people saw it, and some people hid at home and didn’t see it. At that time, some witnesses saw this phenomenon and picked up the camera to shoot as soon as possible. In the process of shooting, it was suspected that its shape had changed and it was still emitting light.

If it is man-made, it is obviously not practical. With the existing human technology, we can not make such a powerful aircraft, which can not only change the shape, but also emit light, beyond the scope of human cognition. What’s more, they think it may be a psychological phenomenon, with illusory visual illusion. When you see a flying object in the sky, you will identify it as an alien spaceship. When you see a familiar object in a familiar mode, your own subjective consciousness will directly occupy the mind. When the brain stops thinking, you will identify it as this object.


What could a UFO be?


Some people think that this is a kind of weather balloon. It may be a kind of balloon launched by human beings for experiments. Under control, its shape will change at will. This kind of phenomenon has happened many times before, and most people believe it is a kind of illusion, because there is no direct evidence to point to the alien’s behavior. Even if it is his masterpiece, we need to come up with reasonable basis and explanation.

Science is the only standard to test truth, and its preciseness is beyond doubt. If it’s really a spaceship launched by aliens, why haven’t humans found them after searching for so long? These explanations are far fetched. There have been too many similar cases in the history, most of which are not clear and can not get an accurate answer. However, many people see this strange phenomenon and constantly enlarge it to make articles to exaggerate the heat. What do you think is this big UFO over Germany? You can leave a message for interaction.

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