Up to now, there are six mysteries unsolved in the world, and it is difficult for scientists to explain them. Three of them happened in China

There is no wonder in the world. Although human technology has reached the level of space exploration, there are still numerous puzzling problems on earth. Because of its wide spread, six of the unsolved mysteries have always been the focus of attention.


The first is Daqingshan stone mortar in Inner Mongolia. Located in Chifeng City, Daqingshan mortar is shaped like a hundred jars. Because it is shaped like a water tank, it is also called “nine jars and eighteen jars”. Most of them have a big mouth and a small stomach, which is shaped like a water tank. Local people said that the mortar was caused by a mysterious force, and it could be fatal to break into the house rashly. Scientists have made various speculations about the formation of these mortars. Some people think that it is due to weathering, some people think that it is due to glacier melt water washing out of the cave, and some people think that it is the erosion of strong wind that caused this strange scene, and being hit by meteorites is another way of saying. However, although there are different opinions on the reasons, the formation of these mortars is still unknown.

2、 The villagers of Yi village in Simao, Yunnan, died suddenly. Beilao mountain is a mountain range in the middle of Yunnan Province and a famous tourist attraction. Shiyakou village is an ordinary Yi village in Ailao Mountain area. Originally, there was nothing strange about it, but since July 1993, the villagers in this village have died one after another, and many people have died without warning. After this incident, Jingdong County of Yunnan Province quickly sent an investigation team to the village to understand the situation and investigate the reasons.


At first, experts thought the villagers died of Keshan disease, but later it was confirmed that it was not Keshan disease. Although there is such a sentence in the Analects of Confucius: “if the son does not speak, his power will disturb the spirit.” However, the disease is fierce and has no reason, which makes many villagers panic. Finally, the village was moved as a whole, and the cause of villagers’ sudden death is still shrouded in a thick fog.


3、 The missing Asian elephant Raja gay. Gai, the world’s largest Asian elephant, lives in Nepal’s babidia National Park. Gai is 3.5 meters high and weighs about 5 tons. In 2007, Nepalese officials said Gai mysteriously disappeared from its habitat. Although there were a lot of searches in babidia national park after the disappearance of Gai for a while, no one saw it again, and even the body was not found.

4、 Sumatran dwarf in this story, there is a mysterious story about a dwarf in Sumatra. The image of the dwarf is a bit like a monkey, but he is a biped. Many local residents have claimed to have seen this kind of dwarf, but have never found any trace of its real existence. Many scientists believe that dwarfs may exist only in legend, just like Bigfoot snowman and savage. But in recent years, scientists have found a prehistoric dwarf on another island in Indonesia. Is this the legendary Sumatran dwarf?


The fifth is the water monster of Qinghai Lake. Since 1955, a strange unknown creature has been discovered three times in Qinghai Lake. Only part of its body is 14000 meters long. According to the analysis, this unknown creature should not be an ancient reptile, nor could it be what people think of as a plesiosaur (a dinosaur).


At first, people thought that he might be a big fish in the lake, because the Tibetans near the Qinghai Lake never eat the fish in the lake, so it’s normal to have this kind of big fish. But according to the analysis of scientists, Qinghai Lake has the largest number of fish, and the largest freshwater fish can’t grow to 134 meters. So far, the water monster of Qinghai Lake is still a big mystery because of the lack of information.

The sixth is the crystal pool of Maya. Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, once a Maya territory, is said to have many “crystal pools” hidden in the jungle on the peninsula. Thousands of crystal pools form a mysterious underground world in the jungle. Local residents have always believed that under these mysterious crystal pools, there are mountains of corpses and wealth.


The reason why this crystal pool is called is not because of its rich crystal resources, but because the water in the pool is very clear and transparent, and looks like crystal. Among them, the deepest crystal pool is more than 160 meters high. The discovery of new species and many traces of life left by the Maya people here has inspired many scientists. The Mayans thought it was the entrance to the underground world, and there were more mysteries to be revealed.


This planet has a history of 4.5 billion years, and human beings are only a drop in the ocean in this long time. Although it seems that humans have ruled the earth now, in fact, we don’t know much about the planet. So many unsolved mysteries, when all kinds of scientific explanations fail to work, always make people think of supernatural forces involuntarily. But I believe that in the next few decades, with the continuous development of science and technology, these unsolved mysteries will be more accurately explained.

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