Using magma to wash hands, make mask, but without injury, what is “super power”?

Using magma to wash hands, make mask, but without injury, what is “super power”?

In most people’s impression, the temperature of magma is very high. According to the different colors of magma, the temperature is also different. All objects fall into the high temperature magma and will instantly turn into ashes. After the eruption of the silent volcano for many years, the impact is also very serious. Where the magma goes, nothing grows. The volcano erupted was no less than an earthquake. But a guy in abroad used lava to wash his hands and even apply a mask. What is the matter? Does this guy have unexpected powers?

As I have said before, magma will distinguish different temperatures according to different colors. In fact, the red magma we often see in movies is the one with the lowest temperature of all impressions, about 476 degrees Celsius. The temperature of white eyes is relatively high, about 1100 degrees Celsius. In addition to silicate, there are many heavy metals, nonferrous metals, and even radioactive elements in the magma. If you fall into the magma, the probability of survival is almost zero. Even if you are not burned to death by the magma, these radioactive elements will make you die soon.

In 2007, a worker fell into the magma when he was working at the mouth of the magma. When everyone thought there was no chance of survival, the worker survived. Just because of falling into the slurry, there were many abrasions on the body. So what exactly did the worker go through? Why didn’t you fall into the magma without being hurt?

Actually volcano is volcano volcano, which is a rare cryogenic volcano in the world. The temperature is very low. It will not affect our lives and safety. The mud in this volcano is also used by many people to apply the mask or maintain it. Another important reason is that it has something to do with the viscosity of magma. The main component of magma is silicate. According to the degree of viscosity, the object will not sink into the magma in the moment it falls into the volcano, but will float on it. This process is the only possibility for people to be rescued.

There was once an experiment like this. The scientist dropped a drop of water on the very red steel surface. We thought it would evaporate instantly, but the drop stayed on the steel surface for 30 seconds and did not evaporate immediately.

In fact, the principle is very simple. When water comes into contact with some high-temperature objects, it will form water vapor. It is precisely because a layer of water vapor formed on the surface will separate the whole water droplet from the high-temperature objects. Water vapor makes the whole water droplet suspend, which slows down the evaporation process of the water droplet, so the water droplet falling on the high temperature object will not melt instantly, but will persist for a period of time. What do you think of this?

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