Utopia represents beauty. How can human beings realize it? Maybe I can’t do it all my life!

Utopia represents beauty. How can human beings realize it? Maybe I can’t do it all my life!


Everyone yearns for a better life, set a goal for themselves, and strive to move forward. In ancient Western society, there is a pronoun representing beauty, which is utopia. It reposes the expectations of philosophers and is the direction of human development. It’s a pity that we haven’t turned Utopia into reality after working hard for so long. Utopia seems to have a magical power to drag human beings. In order to verify the possibility of Utopia, scientists have done many experiments, and most of the results are disappointed. So what is the chance for Utopia to succeed?


Utopian experiment with mice


In 1947, a British scientist conducted an experiment in which mice were the main characters. Therefore, the experiment was named mouse Utopia, which attracted great attention of the industry. The process of the experiment is very simple. It provides a place for mice to live without any interference. With the passage of time, the population of mice is growing. Every time they’re about to die, there’s always a strange number of individuals that can’t get close to 150. Utopia represents beauty. How can human beings realize it? Maybe I can’t do it all my life!


In the face of this phenomenon, the scientists did not pay attention to that the mouse is just a simple life. However, this experiment can reflect a problem that human beings may face a lot of worries in the future and cannot get rid of the sanctions of fate. Nowadays, the system of each city is quite perfect. The construction of many basic equipment meets the needs of human beings, but it can’t reach the level of Utopia. There are various problems one after another.


In order to continue to realize Utopia, the scientists changed the variables in the process of the experiment and speculated that the number of mice would increase to 10000. As a result, five or six years later, the experiment could reach 2000 at most, and still failed. In fact, there are many similarities between mice and people. They all have the desire to fight for resources, which reflects the current situation of human society from the side.


How can human beings realize Utopia?


Man is a creature with desire, and the desire expands with it, which makes the possibility of Utopia becoming less and less. Unless human beings become desirless now, they may become a member of Utopia. Reality is reality after all. It is impossible for human beings to have no desire and no desire. Everyone lives in the world and has his own pursuit. He sets goals for himself and works hard to move forward. The realization of Utopia needs to pay a great price, which may never be achieved for human beings, but it can be regarded as a great goal.


When a person becomes desirless, he may feel that he has no value in the world. The society in which human beings live is very realistic. With the intensification of many contradictions, there is no way to find the most effective solution in a short time. Maybe there will be various problems in the future. These problems need to be solved. Utopia is just a pronoun of the most idealized. Anyone has yearned for a better life, but few people can really realize it. Do you have any idea about Utopia What kind of understanding? You can leave a message for interaction.

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