Venus, 500 million years of silence, is quietly waking up, 37 volcanoes or evidence!

Venus, 500 million years of silence, is quietly waking up, 37 volcanoes or evidence!

The earth is carrying out plate movement all the time, causing many disasters, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and so on. These disasters have a huge impact on nature. Human beings think that they have a deep understanding of the earth. When they really go out of the earth and look at the vast universe, they will know how small the earth is and how insignificant it is among many stars. Besides the earth, Venus is also a big planet that human beings are eager to reach.

In the view of scientists, Venus has been sleeping for a long time, rarely see its figure, mainly because its motion frequency is too low. In the past, there was almost no plate movement. Recently, under the observation of American scientists, we found that there are anomalies on the surface of Venus. There are at least 37 volcanic structures, which are very active. What’s the matter? Venus, 500 million years of silence, is quietly waking up, 37 volcanoes or evidence!

The gap between Venus and the earth

Venus is relatively close to the earth, which is very eye-catching in the night sky. Ignoring the moon, Venus is the brightest star in the sky. From many aspects, Venus is highly similar to the earth. They are all rock planets, and even their mass is not much different. It is located in the habitable zone of the solar system. Only those who really know Venus know that its internal environment is bad, and it is completely the same as the earth.

It is the only planet without a magnetic field. It is said that its surface temperature once reached 400 degrees Celsius. It should not have such a high temperature. Later, scientists found that its high temperature is due to the greenhouse effect. Venus has a high atmospheric density. Carbon dioxide accounts for 97% of the total. Carbon dioxide is the root cause of the greenhouse effect. The heat can not be released into the space. In a closed environment, it will only make Venus hotter and hotter. In this long-term observation, scientists have found that Venus is covered with volcanoes, the number is amazing, there are at least a million, but did not find an active volcano.

Venus seems to be waking up

Some scientists have found that today’s Venus seems to be waking up. A large number of data show that the corona structure of Venus has been classified. It is found that there is a big fire ring between Venus and the earth. However, the reason for the formation of the fire ring of Venus remains to be confirmed. In the past 500 million years, Venus has been dormant. The appearance of these rings of fire seems to remind us that Venus has been very active because its geological structure is very similar to the earth. While the earth is moving, Venus may also be moving, but we can’t see it with the naked eye.

Today, the 37 volcanoes discovered by experts may be left over from the geological activities of Venus in ancient times. After a long period of evolution, they formed active volcanoes. This discovery makes scientists very happy. It can be seen that the interior of Venus is very active. Next, experts will survey all aspects of the surface and interior of Venus, so as to conquer it one day in the future. What else do you know about Venus? You can leave a message for interaction.

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