Voyager 2 once sent a “mysterious” signal, which is 15 billion kilometers away from the earth!

Today, human science and technology has developed by leaps and bounds, and space industry has opened a new chapter. In 1969, human first landed on the moon. In 1977, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 entered space, becoming two “keys” for human exploration of the universe. Because the launch time at that time collided with the special arrangement of planets, which was rare in 176, it was also given legendary significance. These two satellites have made great contributions to human exploration of the universe. Voyager 2 has sent back a series of mysterious signals, but they are still unable to solve them. Why?

Maybe the signal from Voyager 2 has something to do with alien civilization?

These two planets are responsible for landing on other planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all left their footprints. After completing these missions, the two satellites continue to move towards the center of the galaxy, leaving human footprints in the universe. But what’s even more surprising is that the two detectors are equipped with tape recorders, records and other devices. In these devices, all prophecies on the earth, sounds of various animals and all introductions about human beings are recorded. This shows that if extraterrestrial civilizations are found in the universe, they can learn about human beings through these two satellites.

When the two planets continued to travel on their own missions, an unexpected situation occurred. Most scientists at that time believed that alien civilization had appeared. When Voyager 2 was 15 billion kilometers away from the earth, it began to send mysterious signals to the earth frequently. This caused an uproar at that time. Did alien civilizations really hear the voice of the earth? Scientists immediately analyzed the mysterious signal, trying to crack the mysterious position data signal.

Up to now, this mysterious signal still can’t be cracked

Scientists tried every means to solve the secret of this signal, but there was no result. For a time, there were rumors that Voyager 2 must have been collected by aliens. After the aliens took control of Voyager 2, they tampered with the original computer program and tried to contact the earth. However, the current scientific and technological equipment could not solve this mysterious signal.

Most scientists believe that this string of mysterious signals has nothing to do with alien civilization. It is possible that subtle changes in the environment of the universe lead to this situation. Because Voyager 2 is located at the edge of the solar system, cosmic radiation is very strong, which will lead to changes in cosmic rays. After several weeks of continuous transmission, Voyager 2 returned to normal.

Since 2012, the two satellites have resumed their normal work, and no mysterious signal has been sent. Now Voyager 2 has left the sun’s stratosphere and successfully entered interstellar space. Although scientists have no conclusion on this mysterious signal, they believe that one day, humans will be able to solve its secret. What do you want to say about Voyager 2? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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