Voyager 2 refused human orders. Was it controlled by extraterrestrial life? Scientists are worried

In September 1977, NASA successively launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space probes to explore the universe, and they are still running more than 40 years later.

It is undeniable that, as the overlord of the last century, the United States has made such great achievements in space exploration, and how powerful its science and technology are.

In 2020, the distance between Voyager and the earth rover will be 18.2 billion km and 18.5 billion km respectively. The sister probes are speeding out of the solar system at about 17.062 kilometers per second.

On January 24, NASA engineers sent a command to Voyager 2 from jet propulsion laboratory in Pasadena, California, to rotate 360 degrees and calibrate the airborne magnetic instruments.

But strangely, according to the results of telemetry analysis on January 25, the voyager-2 space probe did not immediately perform the operation, and there was a delay in receiving, and the specific reason for the delay could not be explained by scientists.

Voyager 2’s action of “rejecting” human’s instructions caused the two airborne magnetic field instruments to consume a lot of energy and almost overdraw the power supply that was already scarce.

As we have mentioned before, “Voyager 2” has been operating in the universe for more than 40 years. Once its power is exhausted, it will “retire” ahead of time and face scrapping, which has a great impact on the exploration of the United States.

So NASA engineers had to carry out remote “rescue” for Voyager 2. In order to maintain Voyager 2’s life and make it continue to operate, other scientific instruments were shut down.

This makes NASA scientists feel very strange and worried. They don’t know whether Voyager 2 itself is aging or affected by some matter in the universe, or controlled by the alien life we have been looking for for for a long time!

As long as we know, Voyager 2 is powered by radioisotope thermal motors.

Radioisotope thermoelectric machine is a kind of generator which uses radioactive decay to obtain energy. This device uses thermocouple array (using Seebeck effect) to receive the heat released by some suitable radioactive materials during decay, and then convert them into electrical energy, so that the space detector can operate normally. It is often used in artificial satellites, space probes and unmanned remote control equipment.

But this question will lead to changes in the performance of the equipment. There is no accurate answer for how long Voyager 2 can persist.

In 2010, Voyager 2 flew to 13.8 billion kilometers away from the earth, where it was very close to the top of the solar wind layer. Without any signs, Voyager 2 sent back some strange signals to the earth. It took some time for Voyager 2 to recover. And those signal scientists are still unable to decipher it.

At that time, some people speculated that Voyager 2 had been intercepted by aliens, and then they rewrote the program, which would lead to this situation.

But now, Voyager 2 is again unable to explore the problem, which has to let scientists worry, in case it really encountered alien life!

However, Xiaobian thinks that “Voyager 2” should not have been discovered by the aliens, otherwise, the aliens would have known the existence of the earth through the gold-plated records on the detector, and come to visit the earth. However, as long as they appear, someone must find them.

What do you think of Voyager 2’s refusal of human command as alien control or machine failure? Welcome to comment area.

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