Voyager carries human information. If it is discovered by extraterrestrial civilization, what will be the fate of mankind?

It is said that Voyager 1 will fly into space, bringing information and earth coordinates to mankind, exposing our position, and will be attacked by alien civilizations, hoping to recall it. That’s bullshit.

Although NASA is still monitoring Voyager 1 flight data, it has abandoned command and remote control. Voyager 1 flew to Centaurus with an inertia of 17.043 kilometers per second.

On November 28, 2017, NASA made the latest good contact with passengers. After nearly 20 hours of signal transmission, NASA engineers woke up Voyager 1, which had been sleeping for 37 years, and launched four spare orbit correction thrusters, which was a perfect result.

For the first time, man successfully controlled and directed this kind of remote control vehicle. This precise positioning and deep space network transmission technology is amazing. After this attitude adjustment, Voyager 1 can fly by itself.

The envoys of human beings who have traveled in space for more than 40 years bear too much burden and are loyal when they complete various tasks entrusted by human beings. I’m exhausted. With every job coming, the power will run out, and you can’t stand more than 40 hours of human voice signals.

The probe carries information about humans and the earth and flies in different directions, which means that the information will be sent to all directions of the universe, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

In the 1970s, human beings transmitted earth information to space. On November 16, 1974, scientists in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, aimed a 305 meter diameter radio telescope at the Sagittarius globular cluster. Three minutes later, they sent out the first earth telegram.

For decades, the scientific community has used the latest equipment and technology to scan and search space, and launched a large number of radio signals.

Now, the transmission distance of these signals has reached dozens of light years, and the coverage is very wide. If an alien civilization can receive and discover humans, it should first discover these signals, not those human spaceships that have not yet left the solar system.

Voyager 1 will take more than 17000 years to leave at its current speed. So it’s absurd to imagine that aliens would come back and invade the earth and sprinkle dirty water on this great messenger of mankind.

They are very confused about the difference between literary works and real life. They take science fiction or fantasy as their creed, while actors who make movies and TV plays cannot enter the theater.

Although human beings have made every effort, so far, they have not found any trace of alien civilization, but they have not stopped exploring. As the scientific community generally believes that the earth is not necessarily the only civilization in the universe, the discovery of alien civilization will bring great changes to human beings.

The spread of space and time shows that the ultimate resource of human civilization development is energy, and energy demand is the common attribute of all civilizations. The most indispensable thing in space is energy. Every star is a huge energy body. When civilization develops to a certain extent, it can control the energy consumption of stars.

Therefore, why do aliens invade the earth for several light years again, while civilization is on the earth, and it is difficult to find the earth. At Voyager 1’s speed, it will take 40000 years to reach the star closest to it. In addition, human beings have searched for thousands of light years, and so far no trace of aliens has been found.

If the alien civilization is far more powerful than the earth civilization, then its ability to bring human beings into the earth is one of them. This seemingly unique earth resource may not be suitable for alien civilization, and highly developed civilization may not be so cruel and cynical. Therefore, the theory of space-time communication holds that although thematic thinking represents many people’s way of thinking, this way of thinking is absurd and boring.

Moreover, the information of the personnel carried by these aircrafts is more symbolic. In the vast space, they have little possibility of contacting with civilization. Compared with the signal that human beings send out to outer space to search for alien civilization, the ocean is not a drop of water in the ocean. But space time communications are still paying homage to these human messengers. In the final analysis, they are the most distant entities passed on to us by human beings, representing the human spirit.

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