Voynich’s manuscripts, whose characters and contents are unknown, are suspected to be written by aliens

Although there are more and more global events about UFOs around the world every year, the existence of aliens has always been a problem that scientists actively seek to solve, while some people are convinced that aliens have visited the earth and left their traces on the earth. But we don’t have high-resolution photos and evidence to prove the existence of aliens. Most people think it’s just a deceptive means to attract people’s attention. So what evidence is there to prove that there are aliens on earth?


I wonder if you have heard of a book called “Voynich manuscript”. Many scientists believe that this is a book left on earth by aliens. Since its discovery in the 15th century, its content has not been recognized. There are many words and languages in the book, which do not seem to belong to the earth at all.

The book is more than 230 pages long, all made up of some strange fonts and many very strange pictures. It is considered a reference book for Medieval alchemists. However, there is no record in these words and languages. What is the relationship between these Voynich manuscripts from the 15th century and aliens? What are the memories in it?


At first, scientists thought that all the words in the book were Latin, but after comparing them with Latin, they found that they were very different, with notes and pictures beside the words. It can be seen from the figure that the contents of this book involve books in astronomy, medicine, biology and other fields. But what are the details of the specific contents in these books? No one knows. Some people think it was a book left by aliens when they were on the earth. What it recorded was the spare warehouse of aliens.


Since the 15th century, people have found this book, until now, it has baffled many famous cryptographers. The father of American password decipherer had obtained the American and Japanese passwords many times during the first World War, but they knew nothing about the Voynich manuscript. A British linguistics professor believes that the earliest word in the book, Taurus, should have a lot to do with cosmoastronomy, and points out some plant species. Because of the uniqueness of this method, he thinks that the book seems to come from the Middle Earth.

Because of the complexity and incomprehensibility of this book, some people think that Voynich’s manuscript is just an over complicated deception. Or as we say. In fact, Xiaobian thinks that what this book describes, perhaps just like the Maya civilization and Loulan ancient country, is a kind of civilization that has disappeared. What this book describes is their unique way of writing records, but there is no historical record of this civilization in the long history. What do you think of this manuscript? Do you think he is a book left by aliens on earth? Welcome to leave your opinion in the comment area!

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