Was Darwin’s theory of evolution overturned? There is a new explanation for the origin of human beings. Orangutans can no longer evolve because of it

Are you your father’s son? Four hundred million years ago, you were a salted fish, but now you have hands and feet. People who have studied biology all know that humans evolved from orangutans. But why can’t orangutans evolve into humans now?


According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the evolution from ape man to Homo sapiens is the disappearance of the former species and the replacement of the latter. The simple explanation is that after ape man evolved into capable man, ape man would disappear. According to this logic, the existence of chimpanzees and apes is unreasonable. The chimpanzee has not evolved and has not disappeared, which is the biggest defect of the theory of evolution.

In addition, assuming that human beings are evolved, since they have no body hair, why do they have to put on clothes? There have been four glacial periods in the process of human evolution. Without body hair, people would have been frozen to death. Therefore, if human beings are evolved, both men and women should have body hair.


The key to overthrow the theory of evolution is why only human beings have evolved wisdom? Human beings only exist for several million years, and there are all creatures that have lived on the earth for hundreds of millions of years. Besides, human beings don’t live as long as turtles. The brain capacity of whales is eight times that of human beings. How many Einstein can that be lower? Why only human beings have wisdom?


We are all in the same earth, the same climate and environment, the same food chain. Why is it that only human beings have evolved into intelligent life, while other animals are still in the primitive state? Man is certainly not evolved, so how did man appear on earth?

Some people think that it may be a mysterious force on the earth. It can arrange that only one species with high intelligence will be allowed to appear on the earth, which is just like the principle of “one mountain can’t have two tigers”. Moreover, in the process of human development, no matter what, the resources we need can be found and used on the earth, which is very frightening. If the earth can not provide resources, then even if people are fierce, “it is difficult to make a meal without rice”, human beings can not develop to today’s high-tech level.


Others believe that human beings are a group of alien intelligent creatures who fled to the earth in ancient times. After they came to the earth, they found that the earth’s environment is very suitable for the survival of life. But for them, they need a special living environment, because they may come from Venus or Mars, or they may come from extrasolar planets.


But in order to continue life, we had to choose the earth primates whose functions are similar to them in all aspects as the mother, transplant their genes to them, and finally synthesize and develop the human ancestor Homo sapiens through repeated experiments.

When they synthesize Homo sapiens, they encode some genetic information into their genes, and teach Homo sapiens the way of life and ideas, perhaps some words and language, and even the way of recording. This is why humans began to migrate, because their ancestors asked them to explore the earth. When the genetic composition of Homo sapiens stabilized, our alien ancestors either left or died. Due to the lack of basic technical and material support, after a long time, their traces of existence on the earth have been erased, leaving only their descendants Homo sapiens.


Xiao Bian thinks that although it sounds incredible, it seems to make sense. In fact, we do find some unsolvable problems. Isn’t it a good explanation if there was a high civilization on the earth? If we shape them into gods and gods, it is just to illustrate some problems.


What do you think of the origin of human beings? Welcome to comment area.

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