Was Einstein wrong? Ten superluminal phenomena really exist, overturning Einstein’s theory of relativity

When Einstein first put forward the theory of relativity in 1905, almost all scientists in the same field mocked and opposed it, calling Einstein a madman. Because when no one can understand Einstein’s theory of relativity, many new theories and new ideas can not be understood and accepted at the beginning, and will be proved to be correct in the end. Time is the standard to test everything. With the passage of time, Einstein finally succeeded. His theory of relativity was proved correct by astronomical phenomena.


We say that time is the standard to test everything. At the same time, time is also the magician who changes everything. There is almost no unchangeable thing in the world, and there is no unchangeable truth. Is it true that Einstein’s special theory of relativity puts forward the theory that “the speed of all objects cannot exceed the speed of light”? Now let’s look at these ten phenomena that break the theory of relativity.

In our real life, superluminal phenomenon is not rare, which is reflected in the micro and macro world.


The first one is telepathy


This is what we call twin telepathy. Even if the twins are far away from each other, if one of them has physical discomfort or is dying, the other will feel it immediately, or the same discomfort will appear on the body, or feel that his body suddenly loses a lot of energy. This phenomenon is the macroscopic manifestation of “quantum entanglement effect” of superluminal speed?

The second: the phenomenon of thought exceeding the speed of light


Some researchers have pointed out that the human mind is far faster than the speed of light. In particular, the mind of people engaged in scientific research is dozens or even hundreds of times faster than that of ordinary people. The human mind can reach the edge of the universe in an instant, or even travel through three-dimensional space, shuttling freely in multi-dimensional space. The dream is the best embodiment, because the dream is the phenomenon of the mind through the multi-dimensional space.


Third: the expansion speed of the universe

The expansion speed of the universe and the moving speed of galaxies are faster than the speed of light.


Fourth: the superluminal motion of strange objects


A few years ago, astronomers discovered a strange celestial body with superluminal speed, which seems to completely ignore the laws of the universe and can run at superluminal speed. In a galaxy, in the blink of an eye, we may have reached the next cluster hundreds of light-years apart.

The fifth: quantum entanglement effect


Quantum entanglement is called “ghost like super distance effect” by Einstein, and it can also be called “super light speed ghost induction” by Xiaobian. Quantum entanglement is that two quanta, no matter how far apart, can sense each other’s changes and make instantaneous changes. This phenomenon, which is far faster than the speed of light and even ignores time, has not yet been solved by the scientific community.


Sixth: superluminal warp engine

It’s a superluminal propulsion system, common in different theories proposed in science fiction. At present, the scientific community has begun to study how to use space warpage as the driving engine to realize space propulsion technology. It is said that it is quite effective. I hope the technology will mature as soon as possible. In this way, it will be just around the corner for human beings to fly out of the solar system.


The seventh: superluminal gravitational wave


Due to the existence of matter, matter and time (space-time) will bend. Space-time bending is the result of mass (energy), and gravitation is the manifestation of space-time bending. The curvature of space-time will produce a kind of space-time ripple. Some researchers suggest that the propagation speed of some gravitational waves is much faster than the speed of light, and it seems that they will not be hindered by any object and slow down. Therefore, some people think that Einstein’s general theory of relativity is probably not correct.

Type 8: superluminal neutrinos


It is said that in the experiment of particle accelerated collision, an unknown particle with superluminal speed was detected, later known as “superluminal neutrino”. The residence time of superluminal neutrinos is very short, millisecond level, and they can travel freely in multi-dimensional space, so they are difficult to capture.

Ninth: electrons can travel faster than light in water

When scientists do the cooling of the nuclear reactor under water, they find that the nuclear reactor will produce an electron, not an ordinary electron, but an electron that runs faster than the speed of light, and also form a kind of blue light.

The tenth type: the flasher runs faster than the speed of light

Scintillator is a kind of photon, but it runs faster than photon, and can travel to different parallel spacetime or multidimensional space. Some researchers believe that the scintillator is likely to be the fundamental source of gravity, and it is also the matter connecting the dimensional space.

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