Was there a nuclear war in ancient times? Civilization may continue to reincarnate, there are three evidences to prove!

The civilization of modern people seems to have developed to the extent that they can understand some of the mysteries of the universe. But in fact, human beings are not as powerful as they think. There are many things on earth that modern scientists can’t explain. One of these questions is about human beings themselves. How did human civilization develop? Although scientists have been studying it for a long time, we are still unable to solve the problems related to the development of human civilization.


But based on the available evidence, scientists believe there are three possibilities.

First of all, according to the theory of evolution, human beings, like all animals on the earth, evolved gradually over millions of years. Although this is a conjecture most recognized by scientists, not everyone agrees. After all, there are still many questions.


Another hypothesis is that there may have been advanced civilizations on earth, but they were eventually destroyed by alien civilizations. But this conjecture is groundless. Some people think that pyramids are related to alien civilization.


And the third guess is that maybe there was a nuclear war on the earth, and eventually the nuclear war led to the destruction of civilization on the earth, and then the new civilization was redeveloped. There may have been many civilizations on earth. Due to the history of human evolution, there was a fault of 130000 years.

On the speculation about nuclear war, three pieces of evidence have been found that can explain everything.


The earliest evidence is a strange village site. Archaeologists have found a strange village in Turkey. It’s strange, because its house is very special. The house in the village is like a basement. The door is open. When you go out, you need a ladder, as if to avoid something. It’s like the air raid shelter in our city, which is specially designed for disaster.


Another proof: Desert glass. In 1932, an engineer was working in the desert of Libya. He found a magical place. Within a radius of 20 kilometers, it was full of glass. The glass was smooth without edges and corners. It’s like this piece of sand suddenly melts at high temperature and forms glass.

Only when the atomic bomb explodes, the super heat generated in a flash can melt so much sand and form a piece of glass, so there may have been a nuclear explosion here. But it is clear that there has not been a nuclear test here. How can this be explained?


Evidence 3: India’s death hill. An ancient Indian relic named mohenzodaro, also known as the “mound of death”, local scientists seem to be very scared, no one dares to enter. Just as archaeologists walked into the dead hill, a soul stirring scene appeared.


I saw a huge city inside, and the city was full of dried bodies. These corpses have different shapes, and from their morphology, the death happened very suddenly, obviously not natural death. After the body was examined by scientists, it was found to have charred marks. The body will die immediately in the heat.

According to local residents, there is also a place called glass city nearby, which is completely vitrified, just like the desert glass mentioned above, very much like the traces of nuclear explosion. And the city suddenly disappeared in Indian history without any trace.


Through the study of human evolutionary history, scientists found that as early as 2000 to 7000 years ago, human beings disappeared like a sudden, leaving no fossils, which is obviously very unreasonable. Where on earth did human beings go in these 130000 years?


So far, our development has only taken a few thousand years. Who can guarantee that there will be no other new civilizations after 130000 years? Maybe human civilization is constantly circulating, don’t you think? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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